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Celebrate World Health Day 2021

Celebrate World Health Day 2021

Today is World Health Day and this year's theme is all about building a fairer, healthier world! Looking after your children's health is more important than ever before thanks to COVID-19. Here at Bigjigs Toys, we believe that the best medicine is laughter and playtime! Explore our top toy picks for healthy young minds and bodies.

Doctor's Kit

Have you seen our Doctor's Set for kids? Sick teddies and dolls will be nursed back to full health in no time at all! This vibrant wooden Doctor's set comes with everything that a Young Doctor needs. Little Medics can listen to heartbeats with the stethoscope, check temperatures with the thermometer, bandage up wounds, and write down their diagnosis on the paper clipboard!

It's a fantastic way to role-play and learn social and language skills. It also encourages empathic behaviour towards others and can help eliminate anxieties around Doctors and medical environments. Our Doctor Play Set is crafted from premium quality, responsibly sourced materials ensuring it will last for years to come.

we've even given our Doctor's Kit a healthy makeover and made it completely plastic-free! All plastic inserts have been replaced with tissue paper, and the plastic Doctor's box has been transformed into a lovely red fabric bag.

Food Groups Magnetic Book

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat! The ZooBooKoo Food Groups Magnet Book is an enjoyable way to learn all about healthy eating. This handy magnetic book comes packed with sorting games, enticing information about food groups, and two sheets of magnets to help kids learn as they go. Matching the magnets to the right page helps develop kids dexterity and concentration, and will have them recalling their favourite veggies in no time at all. Fruit and vegetables may now be eaten without a fuss!

Wooden Play Food

Hungry? Our Healthy Eating Wooden Food Set is packed full with 21 delicious delicacies! Fresh out the farm in little wooden crates are veggies, fruit, yoghurts and cheese, which are all made from high-grade, responsibly sourced materials. Youngsters will quickly learn about the importance of having a healthy balanced diet, food preparation, and where food comes from. Our Wooden Play Food can be paired with the new and improved Bigjigs Toys Village Shop for an enhanced role play experience!

Didiscoot by Didicar

What better way to keep fit and healthy than by scooting around?! The brand new Didiscoot kids scooter will keep your children busy for hours! No pedals or batteries needed as it's powered by your little one's legs. The learn to steer design gets muscles working and helps with coordination. The Didiscoot also has an adjustable height feature, so can grow with your kids or be shared with siblings.

Whether you're playing Doctor, running around the garden, or scooting along the seafront, show us how you and your family keep fit and healthy by tagging us on social media!

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