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Why Gardening is Good For Growing Girls And Boys

Why Gardening is Good For Growing Girls And Boys

Did you know that research suggests kids perform better at school if they’re involved in some form of gardening? This low-cost outdoor activity is one of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to boost your child’s confidence, patience and emotional intelligence, while also helping you connect as a family.

Have a read to discover more about the benefits of gardening with children, and check out some of our best-selling gardening sets designed for your mini Monty Dons!

How Can Gardening Benefit Children?

Gardening can benefit kids’ development in lots of different ways, from improving their motor skills to enhancing their sensory awareness, and you don’t have to have a big backyard for it either. Youngsters can gain these skills from a simple herb planter on the windowsill or by building their own DIY terrarium. 

10 Benefits Of Gardening For Kids

1. It nurtures a love of nature: Let your kids pick out bee and butterfly-friendly plants like wildflowers and lavender, so they can enjoy watching and learning about the role these pollinating critters play in the big wide world. 

Girl playing with Gardening Caddy

2. It embraces mindfulness: Spending time outdoors is so important for children’s mental health, especially when it involves a calming activity like gardening which can help to reduce anxiety and stress. 

3. It boosts sensory development: Invite your toddlers to get stuck into this sensory experience by feeling the texture of the soil, listening to the birds, seeing all the spectacular colours, smelling the flowers, and tasting some of the delicious fruit you’ve grown together.

4. It improves motor skills: Digging, raking, watering and planting are all fantastic physical activities that help young kids develop their fine and gross motor skills.

Child gardening with Bigjigs Toys garden tools

5. It fosters patience: Plants that are flowering already offer instant satisfaction and this is perfectly fine, but it’s also a good idea to sow a few seeds that kids can watch grow from scratch as it’ll help them understand and appreciate the rewards that come from a little bit of patience! 

6. It nourishes confidence: Seeing their seeds blossom into beautiful flowers, juicy fruits or vibrant veg will help kids feel more confident and capable - doing wonders for their self-esteem as a result.

7. It stimulates the brain: Gardening gives kids the opportunity to think strategically and creatively, while learning how to problem-solve and overcome obstacles, whether that’s weeds stealing nutrients from their plants or insects chomping on their veggies! 

Boy using Kids Watering Can

8. It supports emotional growth: Looking after a living thing will teach your kids how to care for and be responsible for something, which will have a positive knock-on effect in many other aspects of their lives. 

9. It teaches healthy eating: Growing lots of colourful fruits and vegetables gives you the chance to make healthy eating fun and encourages your tots to eat the rainbow!  

10. It enriches family bonding: Enjoying some time together in the garden is a wonderful way to connect with your kids away from the stresses and distractions of everyday life.

Children planting seeds

What Age Can Children Start Gardening?

There is no specific age recommendation when it comes to kids and gardening, as it all depends on each individual child’s abilities. But generally, toddlers from as young as two years old will happily join you in the garden, watering the plants and digging up soil! Then as they grow, so will their capabilities and attention spans, hopefully fostering a love for this healthy hobby for the rest of their lives.

Which Kids Garden Tools Will They Need?

If you’re keen to get your kiddies involved in gardening this spring, you’ll want to pick up some childrens garden tools for them. Littlens love to imitate their mums and dads (it’s how they learn!), so having their very own kids gardening tool set should make them feel super grown up. Here are a few of our favourite childrens gardening tools, specially designed for tiny (green-fingered) hands!

Boy wearing green Gardening Apron

  • Gardening Caddy: This all-in-one kids garden set is packed with all the tools they’ll need, including kids gardening gloves, a trowel, fork, rake, ruler and much more - all neatly stored in a compact wooden caddy.
  • Small Tote Bag With Tools: As well as gloves, a spade and a fork, this handy tote bag of kids gardening tools also comes with a small watering can that young children can safely lift and pour.
  • Gardening Belt: Little landscapers will feel like the real deal with this colourful gardening belt, which includes a spade, fork and gloves.
  • Long-Handled Garden Broom: Kids can help you sweep up the leaves and dirt with this sturdy gardening brush, perfect for teaching tots how to clear up after themselves.
  • Garden Apron: Keep your youngsters mud and mess-free in this bright green garden apron with pockets to store their all-important tools!

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