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Why All Kids Should Own A Play Kitchen

Why All Kids Should Own A Play Kitchen

To celebrate the launch of our stunning new Simply Scandi Kitchen, we are turning up the heat on all things play kitchens! Read on to discover more about this popular playroom staple as we cover its purpose, benefits, target age and what to look for. We’ll also share how your little chef can make the most of their toy kitchen with some fun kitchen role play ideas.  

Simply Scandi Play Kitchen GIF 

The Benefits of Kitchen Play In Early Years 

If you’re considering a play kitchen for your tiny tot, but want to know if it’s really worth it. Trust us, it is! Here’s why.

What is the purpose of a play kitchen? 

The purpose of a play kitchen is to ignite little imaginations and spark curiosity for real world learning. Kids love to role play real life scenarios, and toy kitchens give them a chance to explore and act out these everyday situations but on a smaller and safer scale. Learning new life skills through pretend kitchen play is also a fabulous confidence booster!

Boy playing with Simply Scandi Toy Kitchen 

What do play kitchens teach kids?

Play kitchens teach kids how to use their imaginations, think creatively, problem-solve, plan and organise, develop their vocabulary, communicate, play collaboratively, and understand mathematical and scientific concepts.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits: 

1. Enhanced fine motor skills: Handling pots and pans, using cooking utensils, and serving pretend meals are all great ways to improve your child’s grasp, dexterity and motor skills. 

2. Food familiarity: Play kitchen accessories like our toy food sets are an excellent way to introduce kids to new foods and invite positive attitudes around them, reducing fussiness during real-life mealtimes. 

3. Social intelligence: Toy kitchens are ideal for collaborative play, as tots can work together to cook a make-believe meal for their teddies or set up their own mini restaurant! 

What do play kitchens teach kids - infographic 

4. Independence: A kids play kitchen is a brilliant way to build children’s life skills, fostering a sense of pride in what they have learnt to do, whether it’s chopping play veggies or measuring ingredients. These feelings of achievement help to grow a youngster’s confidence and independence. 

5. Basic maths learning: Sorting their ingredients into food groups or weighing out what they need for a dish will teach kids some fundamental maths concepts, such as counting and measurement. 

What age is a role play kitchen for?

It’s more about your child’s developmental stage than their age, but typically kids engage in kitchen role play from around 18 months to 7 years. As they grow, so will how they play with their kitchen. At first, your toddler might simply enjoy playing with all the dials and switches, then this will naturally evolve into pretend play, and eventually may move onto more complex storylines. 

 Boy playing with Simply Scandi Kitchen

What should I look for in a play kitchen?

Look for quality. This is essential when shopping for a play kitchen, as these toys have years of play value in them, so you want something that’s going to last. A wooden play kitchen is the best option for this, as, unlike plastic, wood is sturdy, durable and can withstand the wear and tear of long-term play. Other considerations include size, height, style, features, and how many accessories are included with your wooden toy kitchen. 

What do you put in a kids play kitchen?

Deck out your kids play kitchen with a cupboard-full of wooden play food, some lifelike pots and pans, miniature cooking utensils, and some play crockery and cutlery. You can also add extra props, such as tea towels, oven gloves, dish cloths and an egg timer to bring the imaginative play possibilities to life. If their toy kitchen has the space, you could even spruce it up with a play kettle and toaster

Girl playing with wooden toy food accessories

How do you use a play kitchen?

Kitchen toys open up opportunities for kids to get creative with make-believe play. They could set up their own family café, play the role of a head chef in a Michelin star restaurant, or prepare a picnic for their favourite teddies! Beyond imaginative play, you can use a play kitchen to teach your toddler about the different food groups by dividing up their toy food into the right categories. You can use it to teach them about kitchen safety and knife skills using cutting vegetables and child-friendly wooden knifes, or use it to teach them how to wash the dishes (bonus!). 

Spotlight On Our Simply Scandi Kitchen

Young Ramsays and little Lawsons can rustle up a Sunday roast for Mum and Dad with our gorgeous new Simply Scandi Kitchen. Boil veggies on the twin hob, pop your chicken and roasties in the oven, and wash up in the sink once you’re done! The kitchen also features a storage cupboard and comes with a wooden pot, saucepan, serving spoon and spatula. 

Simply Scandi Play Kitchen 

Our play kitchen set is made from premium quality, sustainably sourced FSC® Certified wood and styled with soft pastel colours to complement any modern home. Size: H 60cm x W 55cm x D 29.5cm. Age: 3+ years. 

Bon Appétit! 

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