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How To Do A Children’s Christmas Eve Box

How To Do A Children’s Christmas Eve Box

Make your kiddo’s Christmas that little bit more spectacular with a magical Christmas Eve box! If this charming tradition sounds like something you’d like to try, ‘yule’ love this festive read, full of tips and tricks for the ultimate Christmas Eve treat box.  

The Tradition of the Christmas Eve Box

Join us to explore this fabulously festive trend! Find out what the tradition is all about and get inspired with some tree-mendous Christmas Eve box ideas for your little elves.

Child opening his Christmas Eve box

How do I make Christmas Eve special for my toddler? 

Annual Christmas Eve traditions are a marvellous way to make festive family memories and bring the magic of Christmas to life. You could bake cookies or mince pies to leave out for Santa or make some reindeer food (mix oats with edible glitter) and sprinkle it outside for Rudolph and the gang! You could wrap up warm for a Christmas lights tour of the neighbourhood, watch a classic Christmas flick, play a favourite board game, get creative with some Crimbo crafts, or start your own Christmas Eve box tradition to spread the gift-giving cheer early!

What is the Christmas box tradition for kids?

Christmas Eve boxes are believed to have been inspired by German traditions where gifts are exchanged and opened the night before Christmas. Now, families all over the world have introduced the Christmas Eve box into their festive celebrations to give their children’s Christmas an extra special touch. A kids Christmas Eve box is typically filled with gifts your littlen can enjoy that evening, such as cosy Christmas PJs, storybooks, bath toys and chocolate treats. You can pop them into a decorated cardboard box or personalise a wooden crate with your tot’s name. 

Christmas Eve box fillers

What do you put in a toddler's Christmas Eve box?

Fill your toddler’s Christmas Eve box with a handful of small but meaningful gifts to entertain them the night before Christmas! Stuck for ideas? Take your pick from these 10 Christmas Eve box fillers.

 CollectA animals - Christmas Eve box ideas

  • Packet of reindeer food to sprinkle in the garden (mix oats with glitter inside a little drawstring bag)

  • Some children's bubble bath (for making Santa beards in the tub!)

  • Pair of comfy Christmas pyjamas 

  • Christmas socks or slippers

  • Festive storybook for bedtime

  • Letter from Santa (to let them know they’re on the Nice List!) 

Is a Christmas Eve box from Santa or parents?

A Christmas Eve box is usually a gift from the parents (why should Santa get all the credit!). This heartwarming sentiment is a great bonding activity, especially if you create a family Christmas Eve box and stuff it with seasonal treats for a cosy night in together. Alternatively, if you’re doing Elf On The Shelf, you can use the Christmas Eve box as a goodbye gift from the elf. 

Dad and daughter opening up their Christmas Eve box

What time do you give Christmas Eve boxes?

Traditionally, Christmas Eve boxes are given on the night before Christmas. Timing it for the evening is a handy approach if you want to entice your tots to bed with some snuggly Christmas jammies and a festive story! However, some parents like to surprise their kids with a Christmas Eve box on the morning of the 24th; that way they can enjoy their new toys and treats throughout the day.

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