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The Ultimate Bucket List Bucket

The Ultimate Bucket List Bucket

When's a bucket more than a bucket? When it's the Bigjigs Toys Activity Bucket! With endless play possibilities, we've rounded up 15 ways our collapsible silicone bucket can be used to tick off some super cool things from your little rascal's bucket list. Chunky plastic buckets "pail" in comparison to this new kid on the block.

15. Popcorn Box

What's poppin? Popcorn is butter enjoyed in our food-grade silicone bucket. No more crunching or rustling needed when you're sitting down to enjoy your favourite film! It is easy to wash and is durable enough for lots of sticky fingers to tuck into their favourite movie treat.

14. Tennis Bucket

With Wimbledon on the way, mini Tennis fans can ace collecting the balls off the court with this bendy bucket. The sturdy rope cotton handle and silicone grip make carrying a bundle of tennis balls a breeze.

13. Football Cones

Kick-off the fun with this ballin idea. Fancy a dribble? Place your bucket upside down and use it to perfect your fancy football footwork as you weave the ball between each cone. There are no red cards needed here either, as you can use the silicone bucket as a goal post!

12. Halloween

Give 'em "pumpkin" to talk about when this bright bucket does the trick or treat rounds at Halloween! The robust handle can carry lots of sweet treats as little ghouls take it with them on their spooky adventure. We think the Apricot Orange and Meadow Green shades are perfect!

11. Apple Bobbing

Another spooktacular activity to use this bucket for at Halloween is Apple Bobbing. Simply fill the bucket up with water and enough apples to cover the surface. Using only your mouth, try to grab an apple with just your teeth. The player who does it in the quickest time wins!

10. Crazy Golf

Have a tee-riffic time using our bucket as a crazy golf hole! Swing and putt the ball into the bucket up a hill, down a hill, under a bench or even up a slope to try and get your hole in one! Endless hours of golfing fun.

9. Gardening

Kids can help loved ones out in the garden! Our Activity Bucket can be used to dig and tip soil, carry seeds and water, or collect vegetables from the veg patch. The sturdy cotton rope handle can endure heavy gardening loads and the lightweight silicone is gentle on little hands.

8. Flower Pot

"I'm a Little Flower Pot you put out, if you take care of me, I will sprout". At just 14 cm tall and 15.4cm wide, our Activity Bucket is the perfect size to be fashioned into a flower pot. Youngsters can plant pretty roses, daisies, petunias and even giant sunflowers! Ideal for indoor or outdoor planting as the durable silicone can tolerate all weathers.

7. Beach Day

Oh, we do love to be beside the seaside! Our Activity Bucket is the ultimate beach toy. It can be squished, squashed and folded into shorts pockets, backpacks and beach bags in seconds - without losing its shape. Use it to collect interesting seashells and funky shaped pebbles and to carry sand so you can build a gigantic sandcastle fort. If you stumble upon a rockpool, it's great for gently catching crabs!

6. Farming

Young farmers can use their Activity Bucket to collect eggs from the chicken coop - just in time for breakfast! It's also great for carrying animal food so the hungry farm animals can gobble down their food in no time at all. If things get a bit mucky on the farm, the silicone bucket can be easily wiped clean.

5. Washing The Car

Soak your sponges and cloths in soap suds to make Mum or Dad's car squeaky clean! The sturdy Activity Bucket can hold up to 1.4 litres of water so can be easily carried by busy little hands to wash the wheels and doors. Have a dazzling car on the driveway in minutes!

4. Swimming Pool

Take a dip in the pool with our Activity Bucket in tow! Scoop and pour water and cause a great big splash. Use the bucket to help you cool down in the sun and enjoy the feel of water on your head. You can even use it to store and collect other small pool toys that you Don't want to lose!

3. Cake Bowl

We bet you didn 't think you could mix cake batter in a bucket, did you? The Activity Bucket's non-toxic food-grade silicone is suitable for whizzing up your favourite cake mix before pouring it into cake tins (DO NOT put the bucket in the oven). Its non-stick, stain-resistant material makes baking a breeze and will bring lots of spoon licking fun!

2. Not Just For Sandcastles

Who's the King or Queen of the castle now? A funky twist on the traditional sandcastle, our Activity Bucket can be turned into its very own castle. Simply add small stones as turrets and a giant rock for a drawbridge for lots of open-ended play fun!

1. Dessert Mould

Conjure up a berry special dessert! The Activity Bucket's non-toxic food-grade silicone material can endure extreme temperatures so it can safely mould desserts and let them set in the fridge. Ideal for kids garden parties when strawberries and cream are on the menu! It's also stain-resistant for easy-peasy cleaning.

Buckets of Fun

How do you use your Activity Bucket? Share your unique ideas with us over on our Instagram @bigjigstoys

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