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Top Dinosaur Toys For Kids

Top Dinosaur Toys For Kids

Take a walk on the wild side! Although our dino friends became extinct more than 65 million years ago, dinosaur toys have remained a much-loved childhood favourite.

Toy dinosaurs are fun, interactive and nurture STEM skills. A recent study in the USA even found that children who develop a strong interest in dinosaurs grow up smarter and are more successful in later life. Want to find out more? Let’s dive in! 

What You Should Know About Dinosaur Toys

Before you browse our dino-mite collection of dinosaur toys for kids, we thought it would be helpful to share a few insights on why these prehistoric playthings are so popular and how they support childhood development

Baby and toddler playing with dinosaur toys

Why Are Dinosaur Toys So Popular?

Psychologists have researched this in-depth and have revealed some fascinating findings behind children’s obsession with dinosaur toys. 

  • Intense interests: Around the ages of two to six, ‘intense interests’ start to emerge and these often involve toys such as dinosaurs, cars, trains, animals, and so on
  • Imaginary play: Kids usually start to take an interest in pretend play at around three years old, when they enjoy spending time creating make-believe worlds with toys like dinosaur figures 
  • Representation: Dinosaurs represent power, mystery and fantasy (even though they did once exist!) 
  • Scary but safe: They’re “big, fierce, and extinct”, said the late palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould, who believed that their enormous size and ferocious nature excited kids, while their extinction removed any fear 

Boy piecing wooden dinosaur puzzle together

What Are The Benefits Of Dinosaur Toys?

We have picked out 10 benefits of dinosaur toys to bring to life how these Jurassic giants can help your kiddo’s development.

  1. Boosts imagination 
  2. Promotes curiosity & exploration
  3. Enhances creative thinking
  4. Improves fine motor skills
  5. Betters hand-eye coordination 
  6. Nurtures social development
  7. Teaches science & history
  8. Builds vocabulary & language skills
  9. Motivates kids to unplug & enjoy screen-free play
  10. Fosters improved focus & concentration 

What Age Do Kids Play With Dinosaurs?

A littlen’s love of dinosaur toys typically kicks in at around three years old, when they will start to develop strong passions and an interest in open-ended play. However, if they have taken a liking to these mesmerising creatures early on, we have a fantastic range of dinosaur toys for tots as young as 12 months old. Take a look…

What To Get A Toddler Who Loves Dinosaurs?

Try dinosaur train sets, figures, push and pull along toys, puzzles, craft kits or imaginary play sets. Here is our top pick of dinosaur toys, broken down by age, to help you decide which one is right for your little hatchling.

Dinosaur Toys For 1 Year Olds

Dinosaur Sound Puzzle

Dinosaur Sound Puzzle

Young ones can listen and learn about the raucous roars of different dinosaurs with this Wooden Dinosaur Sound Puzzle. Colourful and enticing, the puzzle comes with six dinosaur pieces, which tots can practise slotting into the spaces on the board. A great way to develop their dexterity, memory and grasping skills. Suitable for 12+ months. 

Push Along T-Rex

Boy walking with Dinosaur Push Along

Motivating babies to take their first steps, our Dinosaur Push Along Toy features a sturdy, easy-to-grip wooden handle to aid manoeuvrability. While it’s being pushed along, your littlen will love watching the dinosaur’s feet flap around! Suitable for 12+ months. 

Dinosaur Kids Paint Set

Ickle artists can watch Jurassic worlds come to life before their eyes with this Dinosaur Children’s Paint Set. Perfect for mess-free play (hooray!), this kids craft set works by painting over the blank picture boards with the water-filled paintbrush. The handy storage box means it’s also ideal for when you’re on the go. Suitable for 12+ months. 

Dinosaur Toys For 2 Year Olds

Girl playing with Dinosaur Toys Playbox

Wooden Dinosaur Playbox

Mini imaginations can be set free with our unique new Dinosaur Toy Playbox, ideal for open-ended Montessori-style play. This kids activity set comes with chunky wooden dinosaur toys such as a T-Rex, Diplodocus and Stegosaurus, as well as exotic plants and a fold-out mat to create all sorts of t-riffic scenes! Suitable for 18+ months. 

Magnetic Dinosaurs Game

Fun for all the family! Challenge your toddler to our Magnetic Dinosaurs Game, using the magnetic rods to see who can catch the most dinosaurs. The game also works as a puzzle, where youngsters can match the dinosaurs to the right slots on the base. Each piece is numbered underneath to help with scoring and teaching basic counting skills. Suitable for 18+ months. 

Dinosaur Floor Puzzle

Captivate curious kids and watch roar-some scenes unfold as you piece together our Dinosaur Wooden Floor Puzzle. Working on this 48-piece dinosaur jigsaw puzzle together is a great family bonding activity and will help to teach your toddler how to problem-solve and work as a team. Suitable for 2+ years.

Dinosaur Toys For 3 Year Olds

Boy playing with Dinosaur Train Set

Dinosaur Train Set

When it comes to dinosaur train toys, you can’t tricera-top our Dinosaur Wooden Train Set! This 49-piece train set comes packed with wooden train track, a dino railway engine and two carriages, volcano tunnels and a collection of wooden dinosaur toys. Suitable for 3+ years.   

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CollectA Dinosaur Toys

For high-quality and lifelike dinosaur toy replicas, look no further than CollectA dinosaurs. CollectA is the biggest manufacturer of toy animal replicas on the planet. Each dinosaur toy is hand-painted and looks just like the real thing. CollectA even used the help of UK palaeo imagery to create the biggest dinosaur line in the world. Suitable for 3+ years.   

Dinosaur Island

Dinosaur Toys Island

Hide behind the waterfall, climb the volcano or balance on the rocky ledges; but watch out for the lava! Dinky dino fans can transport themselves to Triassic times with our award-winning Dinosaur Toy Island. It comes with eight chunky wooden dinosaurs for little fingers to explore, alongside a volcano, two eggs inside a dinosaur’s nest, a waterfall and a freestanding tree. Suitable for 3+ years.   

Dinosaur Kids Table & Chairs

Not a toy as such, but dinosaur enthusiasts will never be more excited to sit down! Our bright blue T-Rex Chair has a natural wooden seat and a back shaped like a tyrannosaurus rex. This wooden kids chair would look at home in the playroom, bedroom or kitchen. The T-Rex chair can be paired with our Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus and Pterodactyl chairs and Dinosaur Table. Suitable for 3+ years.

Dinosaur Toys Giveaway

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