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What Is Open-Ended Play? Top 5 Open-Ended Toys For Kids

What Is Open-Ended Play? Top 5 Open-Ended Toys For Kids

Looking for the best toys for open-ended play? we've put together our top picks to get your youngsters imaginations running wild and free!

What Is Open-Ended Play?

You may be wondering what open play actually means. Open-ended play allows kids to freely explore and express their creative sides. There are no rules or instructions for them to follow, meaning there are no "right ways" or "right answers" needed for them to finish a game. This type of play allows kids to have the chance to make their own decisions, solve problems independently, and tap into their imaginations.

Why Is Open-Ended Play Important?

Open-ended play is super important as little ones develop their memory and imaginative cognitive abilities between the ages of 3 and 7. Open-ended play helps them participate in activities that stimulate these parts of the brain early on.

Open-ended play is also great for developing confidence and leadership & decision-making skills in young children. Without the need for instructions, kids can make decisions for themselves and become natural leaders.

How To Encourage Open-Ended Play

The best way to encourage this special type of play is through open-ended toys! Our exclusive range of quality wooden toys are perfect for engaging your child's creativity. Explore our favourite five open-ended toys below!

5. Natural Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy

Our delightful Rainbow Stacking Toy features soft, warm hues and comes with an impressive 11 wooden arches. The playtime possibilities are endless with this wooden rainbow stacking toy - will your little rascal make a bridge? A tunnel? Half a pizza? We love it because once playtime's over, it makes a beautiful bedroom or nursery decoration. It's also made from quality, responsibly sourced materials that are stained (rather than painted) and leave a lovely natural wooden effect.

4. Doorways Cylinders and Planks Wooden Toy

Kids can let their inner builder or architect emerge with our fantastic set of Doorways, Cylinders and Planks wooden shapes. With no rules or limits on what can be made, youngsters can fashion up their own robot, house, crane, or anything they set their mind to with this funky wooden toy! The colourful shapes encourage problem-solving and imaginative exploration.

3. Arches and Triangles Wooden Shapes

Multicoloured wooden shapes, what could you ask for?! The different curves and lines on our Arches and Triangles are ideal for building whatever comes into your child's imagination. Youngsters can explore light and sound through play, thanks to the hollow centres of the pieces when assembled together. Produced from premium quality, sustainably sourced materials.

2. Rainbow Shapes Sensory Toys

Somewhere over the rainbow are these lovely colourful sensory shapes! Children can stack, balance, and build these Rainbow Sensory Shapes to their heart's content. A fantastic sensory toy, when the light hits the shape it passes through the different coloured windows creating a lovely rainbow light effect. These come with little beads inside to stimulate little eyes and ears. These are best used in the outdoor sunshine or near a window.

1. Natural Shapes Sensory Toys

A paired back version of our Rainbow Shapes, our lovely Natural Shapes Sensory Toy features natural wood and different coloured windows. Build and stack each shape and let the light pour in for a beautiful light effect! This sensory toy works best when placed near a window, for optimum natural light.

What are your kids favourite open-ended play toys and games? We'd love to hear about them - tag us on social media!

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