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Top 10 Screen-Free Toys

Top 10 Screen-Free Toys

Everyone needs a bit of time to unplug! Did you know that 2nd - 8th May 2022 is Screen Free Week

What is Screen Free Week?

Every year, Screen-Free Week is a chance for thousands of people around the globe to unplug from technology and plug into life. Celebrate Screen-Free Week at school, at home and just about anywhere else. 

Use Screen Free week to limit your screen time on computers, smartphones, tablets and TVs. Instead of endlessly scrolling through social media, head outdoors to enjoy some offline fun. 

How much screen time should a child have?

Child experts recommend the below guidelines:

  • 2 years old and under - as little screen time as possible, except for video chatting with friends or family
  • 2-5 years old - 1 hour a day, with parent or sibling supervision
  • 5-17 years old - No more than 2 hours a day

Screen-Free Toys

If you're asking yourself the question "How do I entertain my child without a screen?", we've picked out some of our favourite toys that will help prize children away from the TV and focus on the present moment.

1. Maze Puzzles

Ideal for fine motor development, maze puzzles aid kids concentration and focus. Use the magnetic stick to guide the marbles through the maze and the busy puzzle scene. The maze puzzle's compact nature means it is extremely travel-friendly and perfect for long car journeys or flights.

2. CollectA Animal Figures

Animals can become fun characters in kids play stories!  Our comprehensive CollectA animal figurines collection is packed with hundreds of hand-painted, true to life animals. 

Playing with animal toys can spark an interest in the animal kingdom and not only this but learning the different sounds animals make encourages better animal recognition and strengthens the muscles to develop vocabulary.

3. Floor Puzzles

A fun parent and child activity, giant floor puzzles encourage children to take turns and problem-solve as they figure out which pieces go where. Our 48-piece Fruit Floor Puzzle is packed with delicious colourful fruits that are waiting to be pieced together. 

There is also our Vegetable Floor Puzzle that has vibrant illustrations. Both floor puzzles teach kids about nutrition and a healthy diet and will keep them occupied for a few hours. 

4. Scooters

Scooters are a super fun way for children to whizz around, get outdoors and build good core control. Scooters help kids to concentrate as well as build muscle and physical strength. Our popular Didiscoots have three wheels, a lean to steer design and adjustable handlebars. 

No batteries or pedals are needed, it grows as your kids do and can be shared between different siblings. Lightweight enough to be carried when little legs have got tired of scooting around.

5. Arts and Crafts

Youngsters learn by doing! Arts and crafts get little hands busy and the creativity flowing. Tiger Tribe have a fantastic range of kids arts and crafts sets. 

Create pavement masterpieces with 10 colourful Jumbo Chalks. Draw out a game of hopscotch or create pretty outdoor murals on the patio slabs. Don't worry, the designs are only temporary as they wash away with water. 

Aspiring artists will enjoy learning how to draw wild animals with How To Draw - Wild Kingdom. With 24 pages of step-by-step instructions, they will be as good as Picasso (sort of) in no time at all.

Artistic kids with a keen eye for fashion can create their own beaded clay necklace. The Super Clay Necklace Jewellery Design Kit has lightweight air-drying clay that doesn 't need an oven for baking.  

6. Explorer Set

Our Explorer Set inspires curious children to get up, close and personal with nature. With 8 bug hunting tools to choose from, the play possibilities are endless. Outdoor play helps burn off excess energy and builds an understanding of nature. Children will soon be able to identify and safely catch a variety of bugs, insects, butterflies and much more.

7. Traditional Bingo

Have the fun of the bingo hall whilst in the playroom with our Traditional Children's Bingo Game. Comes with wooden number chips, scorecards, a wooden bingo board and a cotton bag to store the chips in. The winner is the first person to get a winning combination on their scorecard. Rope in family and friends for even more bingo fun.

8. Mancala

Which player will collect the most marbles? The Mancala board has two rows of six holes for marbles to be deposited. A simply wooden board game, the game plays on until the players have no marbles left. Whoever collects the most marbles wins. A great way to engage children with counting and developing their hand/eye coordination skills.

9. Peck Up Sticks

A bird-like twist on the popular pick up sticks game, Peck Up Sticks requires kids concentration, strategic thinking and coordination.  Roll the dice to reveal the colour of the stick that needs to be picked out from the bird. Try to pull the stick out without disturbing any of the others. The winner is the person who has collected the most sticks!

10. Gardening Caddy

Green-fingered kids can get stuck in with gardening with our 11-piece Kids Garden Caddy. Whether it's sowing seeds, raking soil or harvesting vegetables, there's a tool for everything. Includes child-sized gardening gloves, a ruler, a trowel, a fork, a rake and much more. The handles are crafted from smooth wood and are easy to grip.

How can I make a Screen-Free home?

No screens in bedrooms

Try and avoid screens in children's bedrooms. Ideally, kids shouldn't view a screen for two hours before bedtime. The reason is that the blue light emitted from screens can stop the brain from knowing when it's time to sleep. Reading is a great way to get children to doze off.

Encourage screen-free activities

Give little ones a fun screen alternative, such as playing in the garden, playing board games, or doing arts and crafts. This way, they will be excited to leave their screens for something even more fun.

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