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The Importance of Recycling For Kids

The Importance of Recycling For Kids

Getting kids up to speed with recycling can feel like a challenge. Playtime is an enjoyable way for kids to understand the importance of recycling and how they can help.

How To Get Kids Recycling: Coastal Clean-Up Train Set

We have just the thing to help make recycling for kids easy-peasy: Our NEW wooden train set has got an exciting eco-friendly twist. Coastal Clean-Up encourages mini rail enthusiasts to take their toy train on a coastal adventure followed by a fun recycling exercise.

Chug through the big sandcastle tunnel, zoom past beach huts, and trundle past the people who are sunbathing on the beach. On the sand are various magnetic pieces of "rubbish" that need to be recycled into the correct cardboard, metal and plastic sorting bins.

Recycling helps protect marine animals from swallowing harmful waste. Plus, it helps keep the beach clean for visitors.

Recycling Reading

The magnetic rubbish pieces from the wooden train set can also be mixed and matched in the included recycling book. Packed with recycling facts, it's a fantastic way for children to learn about how different materials can be recycled and the importance of recycling.

This is also a great opportunity to ask your child questions such as "where does the cardboard go?" or "what happens if the plastic ends up in the sea?" Children often learn a lot from reading, so a recycling book is a good place to continue those conversations.

Real-Life Recycling

Photo by Nareeta Martin on Unsplash

Once children have a better understanding of sorting and recycling, have a go at showing them your household's real-life recycling bins. Having kids help collect plastic bottles or cardboard can make them feel grown-up and part of saving the planet.

Don't forget to enhance the Coastal Clean-Up mission to our complementary Lighthouse, Crane Dock and Shark Attack track wooden train set accessories.

Our Lighthouse 4-Way Train Tunnel features seagulls, a lighthouse keeper's cottage, a lighthouse keeper and an emergency helicopter and pilot. Watch as trains pass through the tunnel to safely reach the other side.

The Crane Dock is ready to come to the rescue! Let your train pass by the dock as you watch the diver row his dinghy and dive into the water. The diving dock even has a magnetic pulley that attaches to the wooden cargo boxes.

For something rather "jaw-some", our Shark Attack Track has shark fins blocking the way of the train! Twist the turntable to make it past the shark-infested water and back to safety.

Sustainable Materials

Photo by Diverse Graphics from Pexels

Our Coastal Clean-Up train set is crafted from sustainably sourced rubberwood. Rubberwood is a byproduct of latex production and recycling this wood means we're helping reduce waste.

The premium quality and durability of our wooden train sets ensure that many years of playtime can be enjoyed. When your little train driver has outgrown their train set, it can be "recycled" and enjoy a new life with a younger sibling or family member.

Our train set packaging is made from 95% recycled cardboard and printed with sustainable soy inks, even more of a reason to have this impressive wooden railway in your eco-friendly toy collection.

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