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Do you limit Screen Time?

Do you limit Screen Time?

Do you limit screen time?

It is a concern for many, a godsend for some and a pain for other.

tech Interestingly, 87% of all of the parents surveyed, limit screen time.

Over the past 10-15 years or so, many toy companies have integrated technology into toys. It is not unusual for technology to be a part of a child's life from an early age. This brings the need for many parents to monitor their child's use of technology and in some cases limit it. Bigjigs Toys are designed to be enjoyed for pure play, with traditional play value and therefore, do not include technology or screens.

However, it is important for Bigjigs to understand our customers and their needs regarding toys.


Your opinions count, in order to find out more, we invited our social media followers to give their opinions in our survey.

The Results of the Toys and Technology Survey


the number of respondents who completed the survey



90% of the respondents were female and the remaining 10% male


Majority of respondents were aged between 25 and 44

98% of those who responded were parents or guardians

The majority of respondents have 2 or 3 children

clock87% of the parents who limited screen time:

Typically, their children are allowed from 30 minutes to 2 hours screen time per day.

A few parents chose to give alternative answers about how many minutes they allow for screen time:

- Give less than 30 minutes per day

- Only allow at certain times of the day

- Allow on certain days of the week

- Use as a reward for good behaviour

- Limit use dependent on which child and their age

Parent vs Toys and Technology

When asked which type of toys the parents prefer:Picture3

74% say that toys without technology are better

26% prefer toys with technology

Child vs Toys and Technology

When asked which type of toys the respondents children prefer:


52% prefer with technology

48% disagree and think toys without technology are better

What type of Toy buyer are you?


We asked the respondents to pick from the following options about what type of toy buyer they are:

18%: I am a traditional toy buyer; choosing toys without technology or screens

44%: I am a playful toy buyer, choosing toys with or without technology, it should just be fun

35%: I am an educational toy buyer choosing toys with technology or not, it should be educational

2%: I am a techno toy buyer, all or most of the toys I buy should include technology

1%: Educational and fun toys which are engaging, some technology, some without

65% of Traditional toy buyers stated that their children also prefer toys without technology, the other 35% disagree with their parents opinion about technology and toys.

71% of educational buyers said that toys that do not include technology are better.

So, the results from the survey show that many parents limit screen time for their children, ultimately, you should do what is right for you and your family.

Thank you all for taking part in the survey!

Do you agree with the above results from Toys and Technology survey?

Give your opinion about screen time in the comments below.

Well done to the winner of the Mini Play Farm Set

Dan Kat


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