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Rubbabu's Sensory Toys: Try for yourself

Rubbabu's Sensory Toys: Try for yourself

Rubbabu_Web_1000x1000px-01Sensory Toys: Soft, safe tactile toys ideal for sensory play.


Moments are so important throughout our lifetime we will experience hundreds if not thousands. When children reach milestones in their life these moments should be cherished forever.

Early development stages are all about exploration: Skin is the largest sensory organ and touch is one of the first sensations a baby will experience in their life. This is why sensory toys are so popular because the toys quickly help advance touch sensations into play. From here the journey of childhood discovery continues and so does their development. Rubbabu toys are made from 100% natural foam and coated in a velvety soft nylon flock. The various shaped toys are squishy and suitable for birth+. Every toy in the range has been safety tested: a great harmless way to help little ones discover their senses through touch and play. The sensory toys are available in different shapes and sizes: Suitable for the smallest hands to keep hold of. Parents will be pleased to know the toys are durable and easy to clean. It is suggested that sensory toys including stress balls are great for relaxation and stress relief: Take it out on the stress ball not the kids! The squishable toys are also known to be good for special needs, ADHD & autism. The toys help to introduce different textures, provide a distraction for fidgeting & to help with focus, anger, or anxiety management. Do you want to try Rubbabu's sensory toys for yourself? Let us know why below and we will arrange to send you either a Micro Beetle Car or a Charles The Micro Plane* free of charge*. [contact-form-7 id="2872" title="Why I want to try Rubbabu toys..."]

Watching a child's first smile or laugh is momentous, toys or items which encourage this are creating memories to last a lifetime!

RB20285-11 *Whilst stocks last.

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