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Out Of This World Cardboard Rocket Ideas

Out Of This World Cardboard Rocket Ideas

In a galaxy (not so) far away, it’s World Space Week. This year’s theme is ‘space and sustainability’ and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with cardboard rockets! Affordable, eco-friendly and fun, find out how to make cardboard rockets for your mini astronauts.

How To Make A Rocket Out Of Cardboard

Making your own cardboard spaceship isn’t rocket science thanks to Makedo. Makedo is a safe kids’ tool set with everything mini makers need to make exciting cardboard construction creations.

cardboard space pod

via @kevin_honeycutt

Why Use Cardboard?

Cardboard is a sustainable material that is easy to obtain and can be recycled many times. It is both robust and flexible so can be moulded, bent, and cut whilst retaining a lot of its strength.

How To Use Makedo Tools

Use the steel Safe-Saw (which has no sharp edges) to safely slice through the cardboard layers.

Use the plastic Scrus to screw cardboard pieces together and keep bigger cardboard creations standing upright. Scrus can attach 3-6 layers together.

Use the Scru-Driver to loosen and tighten the Scrus. Turn it around to use the pointy end to hole punch the cardboard and insert a Scru.

Use the Fold-Roller to perforate lines into the cardboard so little hands can sculpt their cardboard creation like a pro!

Looks easy-peasy, right? Now, to get inspired with what cardboard rocket to build…

Cardboard Box Rocket Ship Ideas

Looking for some intergalactic inspiration? Check these awesome cardboard rocket ships!

Space Explorer

space explorer makedo

Creation by @kevin_honeycutt

Here's something that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would be proud of! We love the silver exterior and rocket window so that mini astronauts can peer out into the galaxy.

Space Shuttle

cardboard space shuttle

Creation by @k5em

3, 2, 1... blast off! This very impressive NASA-inspired Space Shuttle looks like the real thing. Did you know that Space Shuttle was the world's first reusable spacecraft? It was also the first spacecraft in history to transport large satellites both to and from orbit.

Flying Saucer for Two

cardboard flying saucer

Creation by @zygote_brown

Who knew a UFO could be so much fun? We love the resourcefulness of using a clear umbrella as the cockpit and cardboard for the rest of this funky flying saucer.

Reverse Engineered Space Pod

cardboard spaceship
Creation by @kevin_honeycutt

A space pod, also known as a space capsule, is a crewed spacecraft that can re-enter the Earth's atmosphere without wings. Current examples of crewed space capsules include Soyuz, Shenzhou, and Dragon 2.

Tower Rocket

cardboard tower rocket

Creation by @SingleStepsBlog

We appreciate the tall effort that went into this Tower Rocket! A real-life Rocket Tower lives at the National Space Centre in Leicester, England, and is 42 metres high! It was specially designed to house the Centre's biggest artefacts, such as the Blue Streak and Thor Able Rockets.

Rocket Ready

cardboard rocket

Creation by Erin from Canada

This rocket looks good enough to be a secret galactic den or reading nook. Did you know that real rockets can reach top speeds of 15,000 miles per hour in 8 minutes? To escape the Earth's gravity, they must travel at 7 miles per second.

Share Your Makedo Rockets

Sharing is caring! We’d love to see your cardboard spaceship and rocket designs, so please tag us @bigjigstoys.

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