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New Eco-Friendly Toys For Your Child's Toy Box

New Eco-Friendly Toys For Your Child's Toy Box

It's our mission at Bigjigs Toys to produce sustainable, eco-friendly toys wherever possible. Our FSC® Certified range of wooden toys uses sustainably harvested FSC® wood. FSC® stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, a global non-profit organisation dedicated to championing responsible, ethical forestry. Bigjigs Toys are proud to be certified with FSC® C147826.

FSC® Rocking Rabbit

Hoppity hop onto our cute Rabbit Rocking Toy. A modern alternative to a rocking horse, our Rocking Rabbit is painted in a lovely grey shade with pink patterned ears. It comes with a safety guard to keep tots aged 18 months+ safe as they rock forwards and backwards. Rocking Rabbit is great for developing children's balance, coordination and leg strength. Shop Now

FSC® Sensory Blocks

These eight Wooden Blocks each have a different sensory element including a jingly bell, a mirror, pink viewfinder, optical prism, scratchy felt, cylinder squeaker and rattle balls. Sensory toys are great for helping little ones reach their developmental milestones. The sensory blocks are made from smooth FSC certified wood and child-safe lacquers so curious tots can explore them with their fingers. Shop Now

FSC® Forest Stacker

Little hands can stack, build and play with the Forest Stacking Toy. Features an FSC certified friendly wooden rabbit, fox and pine tree. Each of the stacking poles is secured by robust elastic string so they can be knocked down and stand back up again. Stack the rabbit and fox on the outer poles and build the tree on the middle pole. Shop Now

FSC® Woodland Shape Puzzle

Match the friendly FSC certified woodland creatures to the correct shape on the puzzle baseboard. Our Animal Shape Puzzle helps tots to develop their shape and animal recognition and is suitable for little hands as they can use the big wooden knobs to lift up the chunky shapes to reveal the animal underneath. Shop Now

FSC® Woodland Hide and Seek Puzzle

Enjoy the fun of the forest with our Hide and Seek Woodland Animal Puzzle - where is the owl hiding? What about the badger? Four woodland creatures are hidden behind different doors on the puzzle's wooden base and are secured by elastic. The flipping motion of opening the different doors is ideal for developing children's dexterity as they lift and grasp the puzzle pieces. Shop Now

FSC® Rolling Activity Sorter

Keep little hands entertained with this four-sided Rolling Activity Sorter. Includes fun activities such as a wooden shape sorter, wooden flipbook, wooden cogs and more. When all the activities have been completed, toddlers can roll the sorter along the ground. The Rolling Activity Sorter helps tots to develop their dexterity and fine motor skills as they explore each side. Shop Now

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