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National Doodle Day 2021

National Doodle Day 2021

Grab your pens and pencils as today is National Doodle Day! Run by Epilepsy Action, Doodle Day gets famous faces to have a go at doodle drawings to support people affected by epilepsy.

The famous pieces of doodle art are then auctioned online, with the proceeds going to Epilepsy Action. Some famous doodlers over the years include well-known actors, musicians, artists, illustrators and TV presenters!

What Are Doodles?

Doodles are scribbles, drawings, shapes or patterns that are produced when we're enjoying an idle moment - such as when you've been put on hold on a phone call and want to pass the time!

Doodles tend to have a mind of their own and transform without you even noticing. Doodling is a boredom and stress reliever as it creatively channels pent up negative energy so is a healthy way to engage your mind.

What Do Doodles Say About You?

Surprisingly, you can tell a lot about a person by what they draw. The subject matter can be a good indicator and doodles can show you parts of a map to someone's mind. Some doodle art may be bold and take up a lot of space on paper, whilst others are simple and minimalist.

The size of a doodle drawing, for instance, reflects the artist's sense of importance, activity level and how they may dominate situations and relationships in real life. A big doodle shows they're confident and outgoing, whereas a small doodle suggests they are more introverted and enjoy a peaceful life.

Even the page positioning is important. The top of the page evokes dreams and aspirations, whereas the bottom is concerned with security and materialism. The right of the page represents the future, and the left the past.


The colours you choose to doodle with are all significant.

Red - energy, love, hate, anger

Orange - intense, dynamic

Yellow - excitement, fear

Green - change, relaxation, dissatisfaction, growth

Turquoise - calm, pride

Blue - peace, loyalty, trust, spirituality

Pink - empathy, compassion, warmth, sensitivity

Violet - intuition, inspiration, spirituality

Purple - Insight, dignity, authority

Brown - practical, reliable

Black - factual, discipline, serious

How To Doodle

Now, there isn 't a rulebook for doodling but here are our top doodle art tips:

  1. Warm-Up - Get yourself into the doodle zone by doing some warm-up doodles for around 10 minutes. Don't have an agenda, just draw what comes to mind.
  2. Shapes - See complex things as simple shapes. Start from the basic shape structure and go from there!
  3. Thickness - Use a variety of thick and thin nibs. Our dual-ended Candy Pastel Markers have a pointed tip and flat chiselled tip so are great for adding interest to the lines.
  4. Find Your Style - There's no correct way to draw doodles, the more you draw, the more you will find your own style.

Doodling Tools

You Don't need to invest in super expensive bits of stationery to have the perfect doodle kit! Here are some essentials...

  • Black Fineliner Pens - Get yourself a set of fine liner pens with different sized nibs so you can have different fine details and contrast.
  • Colouring Pens - Whilst doodling in monochrome is great fun, adding a pop of colour can really bring a doodle to life. Our Scented Marker Pens not only add a colourful dimension to doodles but a sensory one too! For shimmery fun, our Metallic Silk Crayons give luminous, smooth results.
  • Colouring Pencils - Colouring pencils are a good piece of extra stationery to have as they can create softness and more vibrant shades.


Bigjigs Toys Team Doodles

"Ele-phantastic" - Shannon

"Food" - Maggie

"Feline Paws-itive" - Robyn

"Fall-ing In Love With Autumn" - Zoe Jane

"Pumpkin" - Tarryn

"Bear-y Cool" - Laura

"You Grow Girl" - Shannon

Share Your Doodles!

Join in on the doodling fun by tagging us in your drawings over at @BigjigsToys

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