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New Year, New Skills: Musical Instruments For Kids

New Year, New Skills: Musical Instruments For Kids

The new year is a time when lots of grown-ups set themselves fresh goals for things they want to achieve, but what about the youngsters? Making resolutions is a fun way to motivate kids to learn new skills and gain a sense of achievement as they progress.

An age-old favourite when it comes to new year’s resolutions is learning a musical instrument, which has heaps of benefits for littlens. We take a closer look at why children should learn a musical instrument early on and reveal which toy instruments could inspire them to start.

Child playing xylophone

What Can Children Learn From Musical Instruments?

Music is a powerful thing! It’s often considered food for the soul and has huge developmental perks for children from birth. But learning how to play it takes things to a whole new level. Here are 5 reasons why your little rockstar should add this new year’s resolution to their list.

1. Teaches Patience

It can take weeks, months, or even years to gain the ability to play a musical instrument. The key is patience, which is a skill kids will naturally pick up through practice. It also teaches kids the value of effort and can help them see how dedication to learning can offer rewarding results!

2. Strengthens Memory

Making music is like a workout for the mind. It stimulates brain development by teaching tots to create, store and retrieve memories, whether that’s memorising chords on a guitar or notes on a keyboard.

Pink and Blue Guitar

3. Inspires Self-Expression

Playing an instrument gives kids the freedom to unleash their creativity, imagination and emotions as they express themselves through music! Practising and focusing on learning this new skill also makes it a fantastic mindfulness activity, relieving any stress or tension.

4. Enhances Listening

As they practise, your mini musician will constantly be listening to the rhythm, pitch and speed of the sounds they are creating. This has a big impact on their overall listening ability, which is always good news for parents (talk about music to your ears!).

Child playing Wooden Xylophone

5. Improves Social Skills

To give your junior Jimi Hendrix even more motivation to practise, encourage them to start a band! Making harmonious tunes (we can hope) with their buddies will not only improve their teamwork skills but will also boost their social development as they navigate these new ‘working relationships’ and musical group dynamics.

Musical Instruments For Kids And Toddlers

And the crowd goes wild! From a rainbow drum to a toy guitar, these jazzy instruments are a fun way to introduce your kids to the thrill of making melodies.

Kids Drum Kit

Tidlo’s brightly coloured wooden Rainbow Drum is cleverly designed with cut-outs on the top to generate different sounds depending on where your dinky drummer strikes the mallet. It’s a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination, dexterity and creativity as they experiment with diverse rhythms and beats.

Wooden Drum

Recorder Instrument

At school, the recorder could be your child’s first introduction to musical instruments, so why not give them a head start? Develop their love of music early on with our snazzy recorder, made from non-toxic wood and designed with eye-catching stripes and stars.

Wooden Kids Guitar

This is the perfect first guitar for your budding rock and roller! Our kids acoustic guitar is just like the real thing with six tuneable nylon strings and a sturdy wooden body, but the smaller size makes it more comfortable for little hands to hold and play. It also features a vivid star design and comes with a plectrum for pro strummers.

Toy Guitar

Musical Instruments Set

Petite percussionists can start their very own musical ensemble with our 14-piece set of musical instruments. It comes with a tambourine, triangle, maracas, castanets, bells, rhythm sticks and more. The set is ideal for group play with friends or for a bit of family fun!

Need more inspiration? Take a look at our full range of musical instruments for kids, and don’t forget to share your posts, stories and reels with us on Instagram @BigjigsToys.

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