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Moooooooove Over Old McDonald...

Moooooooove Over Old McDonald...

Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.... Old McDonald had a farm.... Hang on... Bigjigs have a far superior one (well that's what the reviews below say!)

We have always loved our Play Farm - we even gave one of them away last month as part of a competition on our Bigjigs Toys Facebook page, but there seems to have been an upsurge in reviews on it:

  • "Bought this farm for a very active grandson. He loves it. It isn't always a farm but then my grandson isn't always a little boy! He€™s a knight or a vet or a tractor engineer (Yep €“ his words) It€™s durable, colourful and allows a child to make their own stories! I have had to add to the number of animals and farm machinery but that€™s the way of farming today!!!" - Dee of Hants
  • "Lovely little toy. I was surprised by how much you got for your money. I've seen other less well stocked farms for double the price. If I wanted to be really picky, some of the sheds are made of Balsa wood, so maybe not as durable as €˜thicker€™wood, but it really is not an issue. Nicely made wooden animals. Recommended!" - Sgt Hills
  • "This wooden farm set is even better than I expected.Bought it for my grandson whose imagination is just emerging & he spends a lot of time arranging the animals,buildings & the layout of his farm.He has given the animals different voices,bless him. Its well made & attractively coloured, a good buy that gives hours of fun while being educational too." - JackieWack

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