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Made In Ashford X Tiger Tribe

Made In Ashford X Tiger Tribe

Roar-some Art Activities For Kids

We're back at Made In Ashford for yet another exciting workshop at The Craftship, Made In Ashford's dedicated creative hub. This time, we came armed with Tiger Tribe goodies for oodles of creative fun and a morning jam-packed with art for kids.

Tiger Tribe

Tiger Tribe comes from Melbourne, Australia and was founded in the garage of Naomi and Anthony Green. Tiger Tribe is currently stocked in over 800 Australian stores and 30 countries worldwide. Tiger Tribe are proud of their Aussie roots and all products continue to be designed and developed in Australia.

Tiger Tribe activity sets and art sets for kids are packed with plenty of play value to get children off screens and enjoying the present moment. Best of all, each Tiger Tribe product that's purchased helps to support the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW), a charity that safeguards Australian species at risk of extinction.

Tiger Tribe X Made In Ashford Workshop

A recent study found that creativity is a distraction that helps improve kids moods. It's no surprise to see so many smiley happy faces from the workshop!

What Are The Benefits Of Colouring?

Tiger Tribe are renowned for their kids colouring sets. Colouring is a simple art activity that has so many benefits. It not only keeps kids entertained but can help with their development. It hones fine motor skills, encourages relaxation, aids concentration, develops colour recognition, instils confidence, promotes creativity and is a great stress reliever to name but a few.

Top Kids Creativity Tips

We spoke to The Craftship's workshop coordinator, Anneli, to find out about her top creativity tips for kids.

Why Is Creativity Important For Kids?

A: I think it's important because they can then just be themselves and they Don't need to use words; they can just be creative. With our busy lives, being creative just gets kids in the present moment - which is really important.

How Do You Encourage Creativity?

A: I run free imagination workshops here at The Craftship and I give a guideline to what we're doing, but there are no rules. Children can copy what I make, or use their imagination and do whatever they like, which they really enjoy. In life, they're often told what to do (especially with classroom structures etc) but there's just free imagination.

What Are Your Top Creative Resources?

A: For me personally, my top creative resource is eco-friendly foraged wood; so I go foraging and then I add to it. It's a real back to nature thing combined with glue and other art materials!

How Can I Nurture Creative Mini Minds?

A: Really encourage them and sit with them whilst doing a creative activity. That's why I think the workshops here at Made in Ashford work really well, Mums and Dads bring their children and can sit with them without being distracted. It also really helps to strengthen the parent-child bond.

What Creative Arts & Crafts Can I Do At Home?

A: You can do junk modelling - keep your loo rolls and egg boxes on hand, chop them up and make cool creations from them. Or, go foraging and get natural items - like leaves - as you can make animals from them. I would suggest getting marker pens, googly eyes and pipe cleaners which you can then use on foraged items - or even cardboard!

Buy Tiger Tribe

Want to get hold of some amazing colouring pens, art sets, and travel toys? Explore our full Tiger Tribe range of kids activity sets here.

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