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Introducing Music To Toddlers And Kids

Introducing Music To Toddlers And Kids

Don't panic, toddler music isn 't just about being subjected to hour-long renditions of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from your little cheeky rascal!

Musical instruments for kids and toddlers are in fact key to their early development as children learn to express themselves through songs. Toddlers also learn about cause and effect and can develop their motor skills and rhythm whilst blasting out their favourite tunes.


When tots see their parents and family members singing a tune, they often like to take part! In a group, they may feel a little hesitant to join in. They can be encouraged to join in group singing classes by having a go at using a musical instrument which is a great way to develop confidence.

Sing important words and phrases as kids will be able to remember things better through repetition. Learning songs at an early age helps to develop a good memory. Popular phrases or lyrics to a catchy tune creates a pattern that little ones can easily recall and recognise.


Keeping the radio on and having constant background music can be key to children picking up their musical knowledge. Some studies have even found that background music can help boost concentration and focus.


Get your cheeky rascals dancing! As tots tend to be quite physically expressive, listening to music and having a dance can be helpful in building their confidence and self-expression. Kids can jump, hop, stomp their feet and twirl along to the beat of a musical instrument. Alongside the dancing, you can teach kiddies songs that use lots of finger and hand movements, like "itsy bitsy spider" and "I'm a little teapot".


Introducing children to different musical genres is helpful to their development. Whether it be classical music, pop, rock or even rap, there is lots of room for discovery. Pick instruments that are age-appropriate and relevant for your tots motor skills. Musical instruments such as a xylophone, whistles, toy guitar, drums, rattles and keyboards are fantastic choices.

Best Musical Instruments For Toddlers & Kids

Choosing musical instruments for toddlers is a lot more simple than you think: At this time in their little lives, tots are just learning to grasp hand-eye coordination and are big fans of banging things and making a racket! Here are our top musical toys for toddlers.

Kids Guitar

Aspiring mini rock stars can begin their journey to stardom with our colourful wooden guitar. Features six nylon strings that can be tuned. Made from strong durable wood, this is the ideal first acoustic guitar for aspiring young musicians and is easy for small hands to hold and use. Shop now

Bear Xylophone

A bear-y special xylophone, make a tune from the eight rainbow coloured keys. The multi-coloured bars help kids to remember each note and which bar to strike when recreating their tune. Designed for smaller hands, the wooden beaters are easy to grip and use. A fantastic way to develop rhythm skills, colour recognition and sensory perception. Shop now

Wooden Drum

Move to the beat of the drum! Our star print wooden drum is perfect for early music-making and developing a tots love of music. Designed for smaller hands, the drumstick (included) is perfectly sized for little hands to grasp and beat the drum! The cut-outs in the wooden top enable the drum to generate different sounds depending on where it is hit, encouraging mini drummers to strike the drum again and again. Shop now


Bring out the trumpets! Our red and blue wooden trumpets are great for creating lots of noise. They are the ideal size for little hands to grip and blow into. A fantastically fun way to learn about sound, rhythm and creativity. Great for developing kids dexterity and coordination as they blow into the trumpet to create their funky tunes. Shop now


Shake it out! Our colourful Junior Maracas introduce curious tots to sound and rhythm. Measuring under 14cm tall, these maracas are the ideal size for busy little hands to shake, rattle and roll. Creative youngsters will love to rattle and shake them and it's a fun way to develop dexterity and coordination. Suitable from birth. Shop now

Table Top Piano

Little fingers can enjoy having a tinkle on the keys of our popular Table Top Piano. The perfectly sized replica keys are just like a real piano and are even colour coded to help mini pianists learn the basics. Comes with a music sheet with four songs to practice and perform for loved ones. Shop now

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