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In for a Penny, in for a Bigjigs Pound!

In for a Penny, in for a Bigjigs Pound!

Bigjigs Rail have followed suit with the government's announcement of the new £1 coin and have designed their very own currency, the 'Bigjigs Pound'. This new coin, designed to be the most child friendly currency in the world, is set to be introduced at the end of 2014. Made from high quality wood (in keeping with their toys), this new coin incorporates the old threepenny bit, and includes the new iconic spokesperson for Bigjigs Rail, Station Master Sam. pound-coin The coin has been designed specifically for children and has several exciting features including:
  • Very shiny and sparkly child friendly paints so that children will go Ooooooh and Aaaaaaaah when they see it
  • State-of-the-art technology that turns the coin into chocolate when children rub Station Master Sam's nose
  • On impact with water it grows to 8 times the size so that children cannot swallow it, nor can it get lost in puddles, swimming pools and toilets (plus as its made from wood, it floats!)
  • Can be exchanged for any of the 150 'rail-tastic' toys in the Bigjigs Rail range
The Bank of Bigjigs is also introducing other forms of payment including the Bigjigs Bank Note, Bigjigs Credit/Debit Card and PlayPal. bank-card Bigjigs have also held talks with the tooth fairy, who has agreed to replace all the 'toothy-pegs' she collects from children's pillows with the new Bigjigs Pound. Spokesperson Station Master Sam, said "Instead of receiving boring old stinky socks for Christmas and Birthdays, children of the world can now ask for the Bigjigs Pound and buy something they really want, Bigjigs Rail!" The new coin and other forms of payments will come into mainstream circulation towards the end of 2014 in the mean time, Bigjigs Rail will continue to accept standard forms of payment. [caption id="attachment_1254" align="aligncenter" width="624"]Mr Osborne bigjigs George Osborne presenting the new Bigjigs Pound before the Budget announcement this morning[/caption] Subscribe to the Bigjigs Blog for further announcements!

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