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Helping Kids Understand Kindness And Why It Matters

Helping Kids Understand Kindness And Why It Matters

It’s cool to be kind! This World Kindness Day, we have put together a handful of ideas on teaching kids how to be kind, and have picked out a few toys and crafts which can encourage youngsters to share, be thoughtful, caring and respectful of other people’s feelings.

Children hugging

What And When Is World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day falls on 13th November each year. It’s a fantastic launching point to teach children the importance of spreading joy - not just today, but every day of the year.

This international celebration dates back to 1998 and was introduced by the World Kindness Movement to demonstrate the impact kindness has on society. Now, it serves as a helpful nudge to remind us all - kids and grown-ups - to be kind to those around us, regardless of their culture, nationality or religion.

How Can I Teach My Kids Kindness?

Much like walking and talking, kindness is a skill that children need to practise in the early stages of their development. Here are a few ideas for how you can help them on their way.

Be A Role Model

Child and parent walking

Living the behaviours you want your little copycats to learn is the best way to support their social and emotional growth, so be kind oh wise one! Demonstrating kindness at every opportunity will help them understand how to approach situations, especially difficult ones, mindfully.

Get Talking

Mum and child talking

Make kindness the topic of conversation on a daily basis. Ask your kids if they did anything thoughtful for a friend that day or tell them about a kind thing you did for a colleague at work. The more you chat about being kind to others, the more it will become the norm.

Kindness For All

Be Kind

Everyone deserves kindness. Teaching your kids that people are different and that diversity is what makes our world so wonderful will help them to see that being kind shouldn't be limited to people they’re familiar with. Kindness is for all.

7 Random Acts Of Kindness For Kids

Get involved in World Kindness Day by exploring these 7 acts of kindness as a family.

1. Write A Compliment Card

Pull out your Fairy Notes Set and write down a compliment to leave by Mum or Dad’s bedside. Kind words can make a person’s day!

2. Bake For A Neighbour

Mini Mary Berry or petite Paul Hollywood? Use your Young Chef's Baking Set to surprise the family next door with a batch of these delicious Chocolate Cornflake Cakes.

Young Chef's Baking Set

3. Make A Gift For A Friend

Treat a friend to an out-of-this-world gift using your Space Foil Art Kit, or make them a special handcrafted necklace. This kids jewellery set includes step-by-step instructions which are really easy to follow.

4. Help Clean Up

Teamwork makes the dream work! Help your parents with the washing up or give the kitchen floor a sweep and a mop using your very own Cleaning Set.

5. Travel By Trike

Every little helps when it comes to being kind to the planet, so swap a ride in the car for a scoot on your Crocodile Trike. See you later, alligator!

Crocodile Diditrike

6. Play With Planet-Friendly Toys

Wrap up warm and head to the beach with your Silicone Sand Moulds, or stay indoors for some fun sensory play. This Stack & Sort Train is made out of recycled milk bottles!

7. Practise Self-Care

Be kind to yourself and unwind after a busy day at nursery or school with a comforting cuppa using this Mermaid Tin Tea Set. You can also find some brilliant meditations for kids online, alongside yoga sessions featuring everything from dinosaurs to unicorns.

Recognise Kindness

Kids love to be praised for their efforts, so rewarding them for their kindness will make them feel super proud and eager to continue treating their friends and family this way.

Psst… don’t forget to share their acts of kindness with us over at @BigjigsToys.

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