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Green Toys Sensory Magic Snow Play

Green Toys Sensory Magic Snow Play

Sensory Snow Play with Green Toys

Kids love sensory play! It adds another dimension to play letting little ones explore the world they live in. Enhancing learning through hands-on activities igniting a child's senses. In the summer kids love to get outdoors and play in water, sand or mud. But, this time of year it can be a bit too chilly to enjoy the outdoors for long periods of time. Often, sensory playtime suffers as a result. We have found a solution which requires no hats, coat or gloves! Our sensory play time was centered around some wonderful magic snow* & Green Toys.
Watch the snow grow here in the short video.
[embed]https://youtu.be/YsVKXQAxD5E[/embed] Instant fun! With no time to waste, we were so pleased to learn the magic snow was formed instantly! Simply pour water onto the dry snow and watch it expand into a pile of fluffy white snow! It was an absolute hit with all of us & the children loved it! And what's even better there were no cold fingers or toes! Matilda couldnt get enough of the snow! We couldn't resist getting some toys involved in the snow play. We pick toys which would help to scoop, and move the snow around. Matilda scoopped up the snow into the mini-truck out, transported it delivering a new pile of snow. The fun was never ending! We played with recycled and eco-friendly Green Toys Mini Pick Up Truck, Scooper, and Dumper in the snow and these were an ideal partner because the recycled plastic can be washed after too.Sensory Green Toys Snow Play If the snow gets on clothing simply shake it off! It didn't ruin anything of ours! We played on a large sheet of felt, but a tuff spot tray would be a good way to keep the snow all in one place, especially if you have carpet.
We used 5 scoops of dry snow to create enough snow to play, but, you can do more or less depending on how much you want!
Sensory Green Toys Snow Play

And the fun can continue because the snow takes ages to dry out, especially when kept cool.

Have a go at sensory play today or over the Christmas break! Share your sensory play picture with us


*We got our magic snow from amazon.co.uk - crucially environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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