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Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Kids

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American customers in the UK! We hope you have a blast with your families. We thought we'd celebrate this special occasion by exploring how kids can celebrate thanksgiving. But firstly...

When Is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the third Thursday of November every year. This year, it falls on Thursday 25th November.

What Is Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Thanksgiving is a cultural holiday celebrated in America that signifies peace, gratitude and the beginning of the festive season.

This yearly feast is in honour of the "first" American Thanksgivings in 1619 and 1621, where colonists (known as the Pilgrims) shared a meal with the native Wampanoag Indians.

It wasn 't until the Civil War in 1863 that Abraham Lincoln declared a national Thanksgiving Day to be held every November across the nation.

What Can Kids Do To Celebrate Thanksgiving?

1. Host A Thanksgiving Dinner

Be the host with the most! Little hands can cook up their own Thanksgiving dinner with their Play Kitchen. The realistic wooden play kitchen comes with an oven for cooking the turkey, a hob for boiling the vegetables and a storage cupboard for all the plates and cutlery. Don't forget to serve up some sweet treats for dessert, too.

2. Make Decorations


Grab some colouring pens, scissors and cardboard. Draw your designs onto the cardboard and carefully cut out the shapes to hang on the wall. If you want to do some larger-scale cardboard construction, our Makedo kids tool sets are ideal!

Or, you can cheat and use wall stickers to decorate a room for Thanksgiving. Tiger Tribe's damage-free Movable Wall Art is packed full of magical beings - such as flying llamas, mermicorns and narwhals.

3. Notes Of Gratitude

Thank you notes

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on the things you're most thankful for in life. Kids can write family members and friends special thank you notes and let them know just how much they appreciate them.

4. Mini Thanksgiving

Little girls and boys can re-enact their own Thanksgiving celebrations with a dollhouse! Pair with our wooden doll family for lots of pretend play fun. Comes with three generations of a family - grandparents, parents, children and their pets!

5. Live Music

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

No celebration is complete without some live music! Mini musicians can strum a guitar, bang a drum, shake some maracas, and jingle a tambourine to get a beat going. Little ones can also write their own songs or learn the lyrics to tunes they like the sound of!

6. Theatre Show

Roll up and grab your tickets to the exclusive Thanksgiving theatre performance for one night only! Our wooden puppet theatre is bound to encourage some real crowd-pleasing performances and is generously sized so that kids can sit behind the stage and direct their own show.

7. Board Games

Board games are great fun for all of the family to join in with! Our Traditional Snakes and Ladders game encourages social skills and sharing and can be enjoyed by up to 4 players at a time. For something a bit more competitive, Noughts and Crosses helps develop the young strategic mind and provides hours of fun for 2 players.

Wishing You All A Happy Thanksgiving!

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