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Fire Engine Toys for International Firefighter's Day

Fire Engine Toys for International Firefighter's Day

What is International Firefighter's Day?

International Firefighter's Day is celebrated every year on the 4th of May. The 4th of May is also St Florian's Day; St Florian is believed to be one of the first commanding firefighters of a Roman Battalion and is the patron saint of firefighters.

Fire Safety for Kids

kids firefighter costume

Every year, it's estimated that 400 children in the UK are injured and 4 are killed in accidental fires. Identifying fire hazards and educating kids from an early age is really important.

The first thing to do is teach them to call 999 in an emergency. It's also a good idea to rehearse a fire escape plan, showing children how to escape from anywhere in the house. Then, educate them on different fire safety hazards, such as:

Kitchen safety

As one of the most dangerous rooms in a house for young children, fire safety is key.

  • Never leave children alone in the kitchen when cooking.
  • Make sure saucepans are at the back of the stove or hob, with the handles turned away. Ensure children never touch any saucepans on the hob.
  • Teach kids to never switch the oven or cooker on and to never put anything on top of it.
  • Place child locks on cupboards that contain anything flammable.
  • Tell youngsters to not touch irons that have just been switched on or are cooling down.

Matches, fireplaces and candles

  • Teach children about the danger of matches and candles and keep them out of reach. Put child locks on cupboards and drawers where possible.
  • Add a childproof guard around open fireplaces to stop kids from playing near fire.
  • If you have a portable heater, keep it in a safe place where it can be knocked over.

Electric appliances, sockets and fireplaces

  • Children like to poke their fingers in random things, so ensure there are plug guards to cover sockets.
  • Turn off electrical appliances in nurseries and bedrooms overnight.
  • Tell kids to not put things on top of heaters or lights.

Fire Engine Toys

The best way to engage kids with fire safety is through something interactive, such as playtime. We have picked our best fire engine toys that are both educational and fun and will spark fire safety learning.

City Fire Engine

Ideal for aspiring young firefighters, our Wooden Fire Engine will race to the rescue! Little firefighters can lift and turn the ladder to reach up high, putting out fires or rescuing cats from trees. This quality wooden fire engine toy is made from smooth solid wood and coated in child-friendly paints and lacquers.

Firefighter Wooden Dolls

firefighter wooden dolls

Use the Tidlo Firefighters to bring the fire fun to life. Put out fires, rescue cats out of trees, and whatever else the imagination allows. Each firefighter figure has flexible arms and can stand or sit. They come with an axe, a megaphone, a fire extinguisher, and breathing equipment.

Fire Station

wooden firestation

The fire engines need somewhere to go after their rescue missions! The City Wooden Fire Station is home to firefighters who are alert and awaiting their next emergency. Features a fireman's pole, training tower with removable ladders, mezzanine for living quarters, working double doors and removable roof panels for easy access. Firefighters (sold separately) can slide down the pole of the fire station toy to jump into the action.

Fire Engine Tray Puzzle

fire engine tray puzzle

Piece together the emergency scene with the colourful 24-piece Fire Engine Tray Puzzle. A classic wooden puzzle, little hands can place each puzzle piece onto the board or on a flat surface to unveil the fire scene. The handy wooden tray is ideal when travelling and enables the safe storage of all puzzle pieces.

Fire Station Train Set

fire station wooden train set

Chug to the rescue with the Fire Station Train Set. Speed through the fire station tunnel, past the road signs and straight to the scene of the fire where two firefighters are on hand to climb the ladder or use the fire hydrant. Additional fire train accessories are available to expand this wooden train set, such as the Fire and Rescue Train and Fire Station Shed.

What fire safety tips do you have? Let us know in the comments!

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