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Fancy a trip on the Jigadilly?

Fancy a trip on the Jigadilly?


We have today launched an audacious bid to secure the sponsorship of the London Underground, its lines and its stations. A few weeks ago, a report by The Conservative Party on the London Assembly said that the Transport for London (TfL) should consider the renaming of the London Underground lines and stations in order to fund a freeze in fares. The report, called Untapped Resource: Bearing Down On Fares Through Sponsorship, claimed a poll of 531 Londoners showed 82% supported more sponsorship across public transport, such as renaming existing tube stations, entire tube lines or bus routes. Gareth Bacon, the report's author. champions the idea of sponsorship and describes the TfL as 'well behind the curve on this one'. whilst stating that the "TFL must follow in the sponsorship footsteps if London's transport network is to remain one of the best". We here at Bigjigs Toys decided that this sponsorship opportunity would be to good to pass on. So, we have tendered a sponsorship proposal to the TfL to become the first sponsor of the London Underground system, implementing a number of initiatives that will become a part of 'Making Travel Fun!'. Our sponsorship bid consists of general sponsorship:
  • Full sponsorship and renaming of all lines to fit in with the Bigjigs Rail theme including Bakerloo to Bigerloo, Metropolitan to Metropolijigs and Piccadilly to Jigadilly.
[caption id="attachment_933" align="aligncenter" width="709"]Underground-names Do you fancy a trip on the Jigerloo & City line?[/caption]
  • The re-design of the London Underground tube map to fit in with the renaming of lines and highlight areas of particular importance through persons of interest including her Majesty the Queen, Boris Johnson and David Beckham (we are not allowed to show this as the TfL have said it is against their intellectual property rights) - but can you guess who is who?


  • The Zone template has been removed and replaced with the iconic Bigjigs puzzle piece, resulting in a more organised and fairer zone system.
  • Introduction of a new Bigjigs Underground logo that adorns the motto of 'Making Travel Fun'.
The sponsorship proposal will not only invigorate the current London Underground system but will also help change the current 'rat race' atmosphere into a more positive experience through the sponsorship initiatives outlined below:
  • We will launch our own Oyster Card system for children called the 'Bigjigs Explorer Pass' offering children under 16 FREE tube travel around London, encouraging them to explore London and its surroundings.
  • We will replace all the current seating (which is often dusty and covered in gum) with Bigjigs Loco Ride-On's allowing commuters to play and enjoy their ride on the tube.
[caption id="attachment_943" align="aligncenter" width="300"]BJ325 New Bigjigs Loco seating - commuters can partake in activities during their journey via the shape sorter, train slider and coloured discs![/caption]
  • Underground themed puzzles positioned around each station to encourage commuters to take their time and enjoy their surroundings, rather than feeling the need to rush all the time.
  • Carriages that dispense 'B.O. Jigstick' to tackle the 'problematic pits' many commuters endure on a daily basis.
  • A 24 hour service to ensure that no more passengers fall asleep on the night bus and miss their stop!
George Poole of Bigjigs Toys claims "Sponsorship is a win-win situation for both us and the tube as it will bring in additional income, appease tube travellers with capped fares and will enhance and improve their commute considerably through the initiatives outlined above. We have carried out some of our own research and 98% of Londoners want to travel on the Jigadilly and Metropolijigs lines - so it is now up to the TfL to give the commuters what they want". Do you think Bigjigs Rail should become the new sponsor of the London Underground? If so, show your support by tweeting: We support @bigjigstoys sponsorship bid for the #LondonUnderground ! We want to travel on the Jigadilly line @TfLOfficial @Assembly_Tories

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