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Eco-Friendly Parenting with Green Toys

Eco-Friendly Parenting with Green Toys

Eco-friendly mum, Ellie, is an advocate of green living and trying to reduce her family's environmental impact as much as possible. We sent the Green Toys Twist Teether for Ellie's 5 month old daughter. Here's what Ellie had to say: For me and my family we try and keep our environmental impact to a minimum and since having our first baby in April this has only increased. My daughter Arabella is in reusable cloth nappies full time and I buy organic cotton clothing when possible but also buy second hand in order to make sure toys and clothes get the most use. I also try and find natural and sustainable alternatives to high street options in all areas including teething. We use an amber teething anklet for natural pain relief but some days call for a little more help! A few days ago Bigjigs sent me the Green Toys Twist Teether for Arabella to try. She was so excited for her parcel and couldn't wait to try it out. Green Toys Twist Teether The teether is colourful and easy for little hands to hold. It is made from 100% recycled plastic milk cartons so really great to know it is an environmentally friendly product. The shaped teething tags have different textures making it soothing for sore gums and also really tactile for encouraging development. As well as helping with teething pains Arabella took great pleasure in shaking the teether and hearing it rattle. The Twist Teether is a great quality item and really helps relieve the pain of teething. IMG_6946 a Green Toys Green Toys Twist Teether - RRP £9.99 Green Toys manufacture classic toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials. This helps to reduce fossil fuel use and each product's box is 100% recyclable too, improving the overall health and happiness of the planet. Green Toys Fun Facts:
  • Each Green Toys box that gets recycled saves one gallon of water
  • At the time this blog post was written Green Toys have recycled 44,821,128 plastic milk jugs
  • Every pound of recycled ,ilk jugs used to to create a Green Toys product saves enough energy to power 3,000 AAA batteries, a TV for 3 weeks or a laptop for 1 month

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