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Bigjigs weighs up Easter eggs Vs. Wooden toys

Bigjigs weighs up Easter eggs Vs. Wooden toys

Chocolate Easter eggs Vs. Bigjigs Toys

In 2015, the nation on average spent £56 per child on Easter eggs! Can you believe it? It was a collective effort:

  • Family and friends contributing £31 of eggs
  • Parents spend the remaining £25.

On the whole, this equates to 8 Easter eggs and what is even more concerning? It is horrifying 8000 calories just on chocolate eggs. All to be consumed over the 4 day Easter period. It's quite worrying when it is put so plainly.

So let's change it. Don't worry I am not saying NO Easter eggs, that would just be silly! After all, it's a tradition and we all love chocolate eggs, it's nice to receive presents from our loved ones, and the Easter Bunny! So, how can we make a change for the better, that will also keep the much-loved tradition of gift giving? How about, we buy toys instead? Just think about the toys you could buy with £25? Let family and friends buy the eggs or vice versa? What do you think? Let's weigh it up:

  • Toys, especially Bigjigs wooden toys last longer than chocolate eggs.
  • They don't melt in the sun (hopefully, we get some!)
  • Children can develop skills and learn through play.
  • Get the entire family involved, play a game e.g. Magnetic Fishing Game (seen below).
  • Less calories and sugar than a chocolate egg!

We have made a selection of some of our favourite, Bigjigs traditional toys, all of which are less than £25 to keep the fun of gift giving, and even better new is these toys are fewer calories than an egg but the low prices means there is still room in the budget for a chocolate egg, well it is Easter!

These toys leave enough room in the budget for a chocolate Easter egg too!

Let us know what you think you spend at Easter on chocolate eggs and will you buy toys this Easter? But, remember Bigijggers whatever you buy this Easter, have a wonderful time! Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3020028/Average-child-receive-56-worth-Easter-eggs-consume-8-000-calories-weekend.html#ixzz41C7MONNY

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