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Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit Play Set

Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit Play Set

We recently sent Hannah, mum of four and author of the wonderful blog Cars on Repeat a Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit set to review. Read Hannah's review below: My daughter Indigo is 3 years old and I recently gave her the Cutting Fruit playset from Big Jigs to play with. She is a big fan of her toy kitchen already & it is full of lovely wooden toasters, ice cream sundaes & tea sets, so I expected the fruit set to be a hit. The set comes in a wooden box with a clear sliding lid. I think it's always a bonus when a toy comes packaged in its' own storage to keep it lovely & neat. The set has wooden fruit: strawberry, lemon, banana, apple, pear, kiwi & orange. The fruit pieces (apart from the little strawberry) are split in 2 and held together with Velcro. Included in the set is a little chopping board & cutting tool to split the fruit pieces with. Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit Indigo was immediately thrilled with the toy & had no problems getting to grips with cutting up her fruit. I think this is such a great toy for encouraging fine motor skills. It's also a perfect way to begin to learn kitchen skills & safety without the risk! Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit The pieces of fruit are so bright & appealing, it's lovely to listen talk about all the different types of fruit which helps to promote healthy eating as well. We have used the Cutting Fruit set to talk about colours & have played counting games with them as well, so they're really versatile! Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit I love wooden toys for children, they are easy to keep clean & last for years & years. Indigo's older brothers have enjoyed helping her to play with this toy, they've even set up a pretend café with her which is great for imaginative play & role play too. This little set will be played with for a really long time! Bigjigs Toys Cutting Fruit

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