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Summer Activity: Nature Bug Hunt

Summer Activity: Nature Bug Hunt

Summer Activity: Nature Bug Hunt

Let's go on a nature bug hunt... Grab your bug box, magnifying glass, pencil, and Nature_Bug_Hunt downloadable activity!

SocialMedia_Nature Bug Hunt Children will love this outdoor adventure game: Nature Bug Hunt which can be played in the garden at home, on holiday or pretty much anywhere! The Rules:

  1. Print off a Nature_Bug_Hunt sheet for each player.
  2. Tick off the items on your Nature_Bug_Hunt sheet as you find them.
  3. Have fun!
  4. The first to tick them all off WINS!

Download your sheets here: Nature_Bug_Hunt

So, help little ones learn about nature and discover what they might find in the garden or local park! This summer activity encourages conversation through outdoor activity to help inspire learning and understanding of nature including trees, bugs, and wildlife. Almost, all children are fascinated by tiny creatures and Bigjigs Garden Bug Keeper will be the perfect home for all manner of bugs that take their interest! Why not, collect some of the bugs on your hunt (be sure to return them to their home before the end of the day!) Whats more, the bug keeper features a magnifying glass in the lid to allow close examination of the contents and a carry handle. Why not, add some twigs or leaves and make a house a home? The world is full of fascinating objects and curious children love examining all manner of things! This wooden framed Magnifying Glass available at bigjigstoys.co.uk will help little ones to discover more. If their fascination is bugs in the garden, or unusual items found around the home, this is a great way to learn more about the things that take their interest. Ideal for educational, active play sessions. Furthermore, it helps to improve dexterity and hand/eye co-ordination.

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