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Bigjigs' Christmas Top 10

Bigjigs' Christmas Top 10

Bigjigs Toys are excited to reveal their Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2014, including both new and established best-selling products from across several ranges.

Bigjigs Toys are offering a more classic list compared to the many tech-based toy lists that have been released in recent weeks. The fun factor, developmental properties, value for money and play value of each product were all strict criteria in deciding which would make the top 10 list. Followers on social media were also asked to submit their opinion on which toys would be under their tree this Christmas.

1. Figure of Eight Train Set - BJT012/BJT022

This award-winning wooden Figure of Eight Train Set has been designed to inspire continual playtime possibilities. The set includes an engine and three carriages, freestanding wooden houses, figurines, signs and trees. This set is also available in the pink and purple shades that characterise the Fairy Figure of Eight Set. RRP £23.99

2. Village Shop - BJ354

    Welcome to the Bigjigs Toys Village Shop! This wooden Village Shop is brightly coloured and ready to be stocked with fresh produce and treats. This popular role play set includes a chalk board to display opening times and special offers, a clock with moveable hands, plus a handy canvas side basket for the store manager's use. A toy guaranteed to deliver non-stop creative fun. (Groceries, till and scales not included) RRP £114.99

    3. Bella and Bruno Cuddly - BB500 & BB510

      With their soft, plush and brightly coloured bodies, Bruno the dog and Bella the bunny make the perfect cuddly and loveable companion. Soft toys give pre-schoolers the chance to practise their people skills and improve their vocabulary. These cuddlies are Part of the Bella and Bruno range from Bigjigs Baby. RRP £7.99 - 9.99

      4. Junior Tool Box - BJ410

      Everything a budding young carpenter needs can be found inside the Junior Tool Box. Saws, spanners, a hammer and a plane are just some of the craftsman tools made from high quality wood and scaled to size for small hands in this great value tool set. Suitable for children aged 8 years+. RRP £24.99

      5. Shop Till with Scanner - BJ452

      The perfect addition to the Bigjigs Toys Village Shop, this brightly coloured wooden Shop Till with Scanner is supplied complete with pretend wooden and paper money, credit card, receipt roll and barcode scanner. There's a drawer for youngsters to keep their takings safe too! This pretend play toy is ideal for interactive role play sessions and helping develop numeracy skills. RRP £29.99.

      6. 48 Piece Train Puzzles - BJ044-7

      A series of heritage trains puzzles join the Bigjigs 48-piece puzzle collection for 2014. Youngsters will be captivated as they piece together the chunky wooden pieces to make up one of four historic engine pictures. These puzzles are particularly suited to children who are beginning to outgrow the trains with faces characters of their earlier years. RRP £11.99

      7. Pirate Skittles - BJ853

      Ahoy me hearties! This set of brightly coloured friendly pirates will entertain youngsters for hours. Little ones will enjoy knocking down the six highly decorative pirates with the brightly coloured ball. Their size makes them perfect for indoor and outdoor play, whatever the weather! Just Don't miss them all otherwise you might have to walk the plank! Also available in Noah's Ark, Fairy and Farm themes. RRP £8.49

      8. Bigjigs Rail Tunnels - BJT120/BJT135

      Bigjigs Rail Red Brick Tunnel and Grey Brick Tunnel are sure to find their way on to many a Christmas list this year. These decorative rail accessories will extend creative play with any wooden train set. Most other major wooden railway brands are compatible with Bigjigs Rail RRP £7.49-99

      9. Animal Shape Lorry - BJ300

      The colourful wooden animals of the Animal Shape Lorry can be posted into the lorry through the individually matching slot on the top and sides of the vehicle. Youngsters can sort the shapes and learn all about animals, then slot each one through the correct slot. Once all of the animals are all safely aboard they can close the tailgate and then practise their mobility as they push or pull the lorry along to the next play stop. RPP £13.99

      10. Marble Run - BJ786

      Creativity, learning and patience are just some of the skills that are developed with the new Bigjigs Toys Marble Run. Children can build their own colourful marble run and then watch with delight as the marbles zig zag down the wooden track. The set is supplied with a variety of wooden pieces to create lots of different designs. Perfect for creative play sessions! RPP £27.99 All of the above products can be ordered online at www.bigjigstoys.co.uk. Retail customer? Please visit www.trade.bigjigstoys.co.uk to place an order. Are there any you think we've missed that should have made the list? Comment below and let us know!

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