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Wooden Food Toys: What? Why? When?

Wooden Food Toys: What? Why? When?

Give your little chefs something to taco ‘bout with some wooden food toys! Read on to discover more about food play and browse our top pick of the best play food for kids.

Exploring Wooden Play Food

If you’re wondering whether your toddler is ready for food toys yet or you need a little food play inspiration, you’re in the right place! 

Toddler playing with Sandwich Play Food Set

What age is play food for?

By the age of two years old, toddlers will begin to take an interest in imaginative play and may start to mimic what mum and dad are doing in the kitchen, so this is a great time to introduce toy food. A first course of action could be to treat them to a play kitchen, or help them make their own with a cardboard craft kit! Then you can build up their supply of wooden food toys over time.  

Is play food good for toddlers?

Absolutely! Play food boosts toddlers’ imaginations and creative thinking as they spend time dreaming up pretend play storylines, which can enhance their vocabulary and language skills. Playing with food toys also improves children’s grasp, muscle development and dexterity. It sharpens their communication and social skills when playing with others, and introduces youngsters to different colours, shapes and patterns. Another big plus, it teaches tots about food groups and healthy eating, it builds familiarity with new foods, and might even encourage picky littlens to try what’s on their plate at mealtimes! 

 Children having a teddy bear's picnic

What to do with toy food for toddlers?

9 fun things to do with toy food that’ll leave your toddlers hungry for more!

  1. Set up a teddy bears picnic 
  2. Invite friends round for a pretend afternoon tea
  3. Play supermarkets
  4. Open a family restaurant
  5. Plant a toy veggie patch
  6. Go head to head in a game of find the food
  7. Sort the toys into food groups
  8. Practise counting & fractions
  9. Play a guessing game of what’s in the bag

Our Pick Of The Best Play Food Toys

Check out our scrumptious range of wooden toy food, from sweet treats to mealtime favourites. 

Wooden Fruit Crates

Boy playing with Wooden Fruit Crate

Kids will go bananas for our a-peel-ing Wooden Fruit Crate, packed with 10 pieces of colourful wooden play food, including an apple, strawberry, pear, melon, banana and more. Stored in a compact wooden box, great for playing grocers! For 18+ months. 

Wooden Biscuit Box

Oh crumbs, it’s our best-selling Biscuit Box! Lift off the wooden lid and you’ll find a delicious assortment of 16 classic biscuits inside, such as custard creams, bourbons, pink wafers, cookies and gingerbread men. Dinky dunkers can pair their biscuits with one of our wooden tea sets for bags more fun! For 3+ years.

Healthy Eating Toy Food Set

Children enjoying imaginary play with Healthy Food Toys

Teach your toddler about where our food comes from and why we need a balanced diet with our healthy eating play food sets. This Healthy Eating Dairy Food Set includes 21 pieces of kids play food, such as yoghurt, cheese and milk, inside four small wooden crates. For 3+ years.

Pretend Play Chocolate Cake 

Toddler playing with Cutting Chocolate Cake

Feast your eyes on our Chocolate Cake Cutting Set, decorated with strawberries and sprinkles. This cutting food toy comes in six slices with velcro fastenings and a wooden cake slicer, so kids can practise dividing up their cake. Great for improving toddlers’ fine motor skills and maths learning. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, we also have cutting fruit and vegetable sets available. For 3+ years.

Sandwich Making Set

Wooden Sandwich Making Set 

What’s for lunch? Mini sandwich-makers can take their pick from the felt fillings in our Sandwich Maker Toy. Make fried eggs on toast or go for a cheese salad baguette, and don’t forget the mayonnaise! The set also comes with a wooden chopping board, knife and side plate. For 3+ years. 

Wooden Pizza 

Girl cutting up wooden toy pizza 

Set up a tiny pizzeria or invite friends round for a slice of our tempting Wooden Pizza Toy. Kids can choose their favourite toppings from ham, pepperoni, pineapple, mushrooms, onions and peppers, then slice it up using the wooden pizza cutter wheel. The pizza comes on a wooden paddle with a handle. For 3+ years.

Breakfast Toy Set 

Girl playing with Breakfast Play Food Set 

Make Mum or Dad breakfast in bed with our adorable Breakfast Set. This toy food set comes with a spotted plate, knife, butter dish featuring sliceable slabs of butter, a pot of jam, piece of toast, wooden egg cup, and a boiled egg with yolk for dipping! For 3+ years. 

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