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Can You Fix It? Best New Construction Toys

Can You Fix It? Best New Construction Toys

Breaking news! We have concrete evidence that our new sustainable construction toys are now in stock (and your kids will dig them!). Cute carpenters and budding builders can get to work with our new eco-friendly range, while you learn all about how these charming wooden toys support their growth and development

Girl using Wooden Tool Bench

Construction Play

Pop on your hard hats and join us to build a better understanding of how construction play works. Find out more about what construction (or constructive) play is, what the benefits are, and which kids construction toys are specially designed to help youngsters gain new skills

What Is Construction Play?

Construction play, also known as constructive play, is when a child builds, shapes or crafts something using a toy or other objects. This style of play typically has a goal-orientated approach. Examples of construction play include using building blocks to create a tower, making sandcastles, clay modelling, playdough crafts, cardboard construction, and fixing objects together with kids tools.

Boy playing with Makedo tools

What Are The Benefits Of Construction Play?

The 10 benefits of construction play include (but are not limited to):

  1. Enhances fine and gross motor skills
  2. Inspires curiosity and imagination
  3. Encourages patience
  4. Improves focus and concentration
  5. Teaches teamwork
  6. Betters problem-solving skills
  7. Boosts confidence and independence
  8. Fosters physical exercise 
  9. Supports mindfulness
  10. Motivates screen-free time

What Age Can You Start Construction Play?

Toddlers from the age of two will naturally start to enjoy construction play, as their attention spans lengthen and motor skills develop. At this age and above, children have a better chance of being able to sit for longer stretches of time and focus on one specific activity. 

Girl playing with Wooden Drum of Bricks

New Construction Toys For Kids

Part of our award-winning Simply Scandi range, these construction set toys are made from ethically harvested FSC® Certified wood, so you can feel confident that your kiddo’s playroom is a planet-friendly (and plastic-free) place.  

Kids Tool Bench

Child playing with Kids Tool Bench

Saw-t out your tots’ DIY skills with this beautifully crafted Toy Tool Bench. Our kids tool bench comes with a wooden saw, screwdriver, spanner, hammer, and a set of nuts and bolts which can be screwed into the holes on the bench. The bench’s soft neutral colours will look gorgeous in any playroom, and it’ll be great for teaching your littlen the basics of how tools work. 

My First Toy Tool Box

Child playing with Kids Tool Set

Dinky DIYers can get to work with their very own Wooden Tool Box Toy! Designed to spark imagination and creativity, this kids tool box is packed full of quality wooden construction toys, including a hammer, spanner, screwdriver, ruler and nuts and bolts. The built-in carry handle means youngsters can easily transport their tools around the house from project to project. 

Childrens Work Bench

Toddler playing with Wooden Work Bench

Save space with this 2-in-1 Kids Work Bench and childrens tool kit! Inside the toy bench you’ll find a wooden hammer, screwdriver, spanner and lots of nuts and bolts. To use the bench, all you need to do is empty out the tools, flip it upside down and you have yourself a handy workspace for all your carpentry jobs! This kids tool set also features a carry handle for easy transportation. 

Wooden Toy Drill

Make light work of your flat-pack projects with this Kids Drill Set! Just like a real drill, but a safe, child-friendly version. It comes with a magnetic drill bit and two screws that easily attach to the wooden drill head. Perfect for construction-inspired pretend play!    

Toy Nuts And Bolts 

Crate of Nuts & Bolts

Ideal for young engineers on the move, this Crate of Nuts & Bolts includes 20 wooden nuts and bolts in a range of pastel colours. The kit makes a great addition to any of our toy tool sets, expanding your child’s construction play world! The large chunky pieces are designed for little hands to grip, hold and screw.  

Builder Costume For Kids

Kids Builder Costume

Tiny tradespeople will go in-crane for this adorable Builder Dress Up set. It comes with a fluorescent yellow and blue jacket, an ID badge, safety goggles, and toy tools including a wooden saw, wrench, screwdriver and hammer - so kids can look the part on the construction (play) site! A Builder’s Helmet is also available separately. 

All Children’s Construction Toys 

Alongside our new sustainable collection, we also have a fantastic range of quality construction toys for toddlers and above. Take a look!

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