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The Best Kids Garden Toys For Spring & Summer

The Best Kids Garden Toys For Spring & Summer

With the warmer weather on the way, the garden becomes your little rascal's new playground as they explore the great outdoors. we've picked our favourite new garden toys to help keep children occupied outdoors (and to help make those daily walks more enjoyable).

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Outdoors?

The freedom of being outdoors can encourage kids to exercise, have time away from routines and busy schedules, have the freedom to try new things, solve problems and explore nature, make friends and engage with others.

Experts have found that outdoor play gives children more advanced motor skills than their "indoor" peers as they engage their muscles, bones and physical endurance. Kids who play outdoors are also more likely to have better self-awareness, observation and reasoning skills.

Our Favourite New Outdoor Toys

Bug Net

Little bug hunters can catch creepy crawlies and insects galore with our brand new Pop Up Bug Net. The easy zip closure means that creatures can be easily caught and safely released back into the wild. The carry handle ensures it can be transported anywhere and when the bug net is not in use, it can be folded down.

Multi-View Bug Viewer

Look at spiders, insects, bugs and creepy crawlies from all different angles with our Multi-View Magnifier. Pop your bug on the green base, then place the magnifying glass on top - what's more, two people can look at bugs at the same time with the top and side viewports.

Short Handled Kids Shovel

Getting digging with our sturdy Short Handled Shovel. Ideal for shovelling snow in the winter, shifting dirt in the autumn, planting vegetables in the spring, and digging up sand in the summer. This kids shovel features a long and durable wooden body and an easy-to-grip short handle.

Short Handled Kids Spade

Little gardeners can use their Short Handled Spade to effortlessly plant bulbs in the flower beds, dig sand at the beach or sow seeds in the garden. This kids spade features a sturdy green shovelhead that can withstand lots of enthusiastic digging.

Kids Flower Press

Make pretty petals that last forever with our Wooden Kids Flower Press. Simply place your favourite flower in the press to make precious keepsakes to give to friends and family. The front is even decorated with a nature-inspired illustration.

Telescopic Net

Catch butterflies and bugs or go crabbing at the seaside with our colourful Telescopic Net for kids. The extendable handles detaches for easy storage into cupboards, bags and car boots. Made from safe and non-toxic materials for added peace of mind.

Explorer Set

Chief Bug Catchers can go on an insect adventure of a lifetime with our Explorer Bug Hunting Kit. Packed with a green bucket hat, pop up bug net, pair of binoculars, telescopic net, magnifying glass & more, there's tool for every nature lover.

Bug Box

Bug enthusiasts can stash their creepy crawlies in their very own Bug Box. Move the sliding cover to put the bugs inside and take them out. At the other end, look through the viewing circle. Comes with mesh sides to give the bugs fresh air and a robust cotton carry handle.

Looking For More Outdoor Toys?

For everything from children's gardening tools to frisbees, spades and balance bikes, we have lots of exciting outdoor toys to get kiddies out in the great outdoors burning all their energy.

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