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Bath Toys Making A Splash This Summer

Bath Toys Making A Splash This Summer

Dive deeper to explore the fascinating underwater world of bath toys! Get to know the benefits of bath toys, what to look out for, and how often you should clean them. We’ve also divided up some of our favourite bath toys by age to help you find one your littlen will love. 

Discover More About Kids Bath Toys

You can find a bath toy for every age and interest now, but there are a few things you might want to think about before taking the plunge! This should help a little…

What to look for in bath toys?

Here are some key pointers to consider when shopping for bath toys:

  1. Pick an age-appropriate bath toy that fits with your child’s developmental stage (ideas below!)
  2. Find bath toys that maximise learning opportunities, from bath crayons for creativity to stacking cups for dexterity. 
  3. Avoid poor quality squeezy bath toys with no removable base, as they can be a breeding ground for mould.
  4. Make sure the toy is non-toxic and free from chemicals such as phthalates, BPA or PVC.

 Boy playing with bath toy Ferry Boat in the bath

What age can babies have bath toys?

Newborn infants will be having very short baths as they aren’t yet able to regulate their temperature, so baby bath toys aren’t suitable until they reach around six months old. At this age, babies will have better head control and may even be able to sit up by themselves or with little support. They will also be more engaged in bath time play from here on, so they’ll take more interest in water toys - making it more rewarding for Mum and Dad, too! 

Why do kids need bath toys?

Bath toys are much more than fun playthings that distract toddlers in the tub. Interactive water play engages a child’s senses and can help to boost their muscle development, fine motor skills, coordination, focus, imagination, creativity, vocabulary and early learning of maths and science concepts, as they explore floating, sinking, size, measurement and volume. 

Girl playing with Green Toys Stacking Cups in the bath 

How often should you clean kids bath toys?

Aim for a weekly clean to prevent mould building up, but you should also rinse and dry your tot’s bath toys after every use. Here are some top tips on how to safely clean them.

  • After bath time, squeeze as much water out of the bath toys as possible. Line them up along the side of the bath or on the windowsill, where they are able to dry quickly.
  • If you have an extractor fan, turn it on for 15-20 minutes afterwards to remove moisture from the air. Alternatively, leave your bathroom window open for the same amount of time.
  • Be aware of rubber bath toys with small holes in and no removable base, as they harbour mould and you won’t be able to take them apart for cleaning. To combat this, you can seal the holes with hot glue.
  • Vinegar is also a great option to prevent mould. Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution that helps to dissolve soap and eradicate stains. Pop the bath toys in a bucket of equal parts vinegar and warm water and let it soak for one hour. Rinse and air dry.

 Toddler playing with bath toy rescue boat in the bath

Can bath toys go in the dishwasher?

Yes! The high heat of the dishwasher gets rid of any germs. But to stop the bath toys from getting ruined, put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher where the heat is less intense. Use normal dishwasher tablets and run a cycle with just the toys inside.

If you don't have a dishwasher, bath toys can easily be cleaned in the sink. Just fill it with boiling water and add a few drops of washing up liquid. Let them soak for a couple of minutes, then wipe them with a clean sponge or cloth.

Best Baby & Toddler Bath Toys

Water baby or bath-shy toddler? Whether it’s all fun and games or a big bath time battle, these toys are designed to engage and entertain young tots in the tub. 

Baby Bath Toys

Messy Jungle Bath Book: Perfect for baby bookworms, the Messy Jungle and Messy Farm bath books have a unique feature. Dunk them in warm bathwater and watch the dirt on the animals miraculously fade away. When the water cools, these little rascals will be mucky once again! 6+ months.

Messy Jungle Bath Book

Tide Pool Bath Set: A sustainable bath toy from Green Toys, these tide pool toys are made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. The set features a starfish, jellyfish, squid and more! All of the sea creatures can be stored in the seaweed storage bag which has lots of holes in for water drainage and drying. 6+ months.

Bath Buddies: Squeeze and shoot water with these cheeky Bath Buddies. The 3-pack set comes with a penguin, polar bear and seal, and each bath buddy features three water-squirting holes in the top. The bases also come off for easy cleaning. 12+ months.

Bath Toys For 1 Year Olds +

Kids Watering Can: Made from sustainable silicone, this children’s watering can comes in 13 different colours and features a chunky easy-grip carry handle so young toddlers can safely lift and pour water. This nifty little bath tub toy also works as a jug for hassle-free hair washes! 18+ months.

Kids watering can pouring water at the beach

Shark Bath Toy: A fin-tastic bath toy for junior Jaws fans! Tiger Tribe’s soft bath toys are made from a quick-drying terry towel material and have a handy loop for hanging up once bath time is over. At 21cm long, Splash Buddy Shark is the ideal size for small hands to play with or even use as a sponge! 18+ months.

Rocket Bath Toy: To bath time and beyond! This bath rocket toy is here to prevent bath time meltdowns with its fun, interactive features. Immerse the rocket in water and watch it fill up before your eyes, while the astronaut bobs about as if it’s in space. Then when the rocket is ready to launch, the water will gush out of the rotating jets causing a big splash! 18+ months.

Boy playing with bath toy rocket in the paddling pool

Rescue Boat Bath Toy: Save the day with this 2-in-1 bath toy boat and helicopter. The rescue boat features a wide spout for scoop-and-pour play and the helicopter has a spinning propeller for soaring over the seas (or bathtub bubbles!). Made from 100% recycled plastic, this Green Toys bath set also comes with a Captain Duck and Pilot Bear figure. 2+ years.

Bath Toys For 3 Year Olds +

Bath Pipes Toy: Youngsters can learn cause and effect with this Waterworks Pipeline bath toy. As the water flows through the pipes, kids can change its direction by swapping the 11 pipe pieces and turning the valves to stop and start the flow. Excellent for developing key STEM skills. 3+ years.

Bath Crayons: Arty tots can express their creativity with this crafty bath set. It features five retractable bath crayons alongside some foam facial features (eyes, eyebrows, noses and mouths). The set also comes with a cleaning cloth and mesh bag toy tidy for storage between bath times. 3+ years.

Bath Crayons & Faces craft set in the bath

Ferry Boat Toy: Journey across the bath tub waves in the Green Toys Ferry Boat! This realistic ferry water toy is made from recycled plastic and features two storeys, a slide-out ramp and two miniature cars which can park up on the large cargo level. 3+ years.

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