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What Are The Benefits Of Lacing Games & Threading Toys For Toddlers?

What Are The Benefits Of Lacing Games & Threading Toys For Toddlers?

Lacing games, also known as threading toys, help improve children's fine motor skills, dexterity, numeracy skills and concentration. Why are fine motor skills so crucial?

What Are Fine Motor Skills?

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Fine motor skills aid with the coordination of small muscles in kids' hands, fingers, and eyes that make daily activities and tasks easier - such as tying shoelaces, doing up buttons, writing, drawing, and more.

Fine motor skill development is crucial to children's developmental milestones as it's where they begin to learn all about the world around them.

Lacing Threading Toys

Brand new for 2022 is our lacing by numbers games that are perfect for developing fine motor skills as well as basic numeracy concepts (such as counting and sequencing) and language development (as they recognise colours).

Little fingers simply need to thread the laces through the holes as they follow the numbers as they go. Our new lacing numbers games are available in four exciting themes - dinosaurs, construction, jungle, and mythical. Once the coloured laces are threaded in numerical order, the themed picture on each tile will come to life.

Not only does this help children develop their fine motor skills and counting skills, but it's also great for colour recognition with the different laces. Our lacing toys are made from high-quality, responsibly sourced materials.

What Age Can Toddlers Thread?

Our threading toys are suitable for 3 years + and use high-quality laces that are safe and non-toxic for little hands to use.

What Is Montessori Threading?

For a more open-ended threading toy, we recommend a method called Montessori. This means that there are no rules to follow, so children are free to thread however they wish. All you need is a Jar of Beads (or similar - you can even use dried pasta as an alternative) and laces, string or a string alternative (such as pipe cleaners).

When children thread their beads, it helps them go on a journey of self-discovery, engaging their creativity, independence and hand/eye coordination.

Threading is also a task that needs persistence and patience, which are key life skills for kids as they grow older. Our Lacing Laundry teaches kids about different items of clothing as they thread the wooden beads along the washing line.

Shop Lacing & Threading Toys

For mini fashionistas, look no further than our Lacing Dress-Up Girl. The friendly wooden character has an array of different outfits waiting to be threaded on her for her own fashion show.

Budding jewellers may like to thread their own nature-inspired necklaces and bracelets with our Garden Bead Box set. The final threading creations are ideal for gifting to loved ones.

Animal lovers will enjoy our colourful Lacing Animals set. Includes 8 bright wooden play pieces and 7 laces. Explore our full range of bead sets here and lacing toys here.

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