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Beach Bag Ready To Go

Beach Bag Ready To Go

The sun is starting to show it's face and we're ready for salty hair and sunkissed cheeks after a weekend at the beach.

Living somewhere like our hometown, Folkestone, sunny days can be few and far between so we're always ready to rush to the beach at the first sign of sunshine with our little ones.

Sometimes getting ready for the beach can seem more hassle than it's worth but it's important to remember it's not just a happy family outing, your little ones are learning heaps as they play in the sand and water.

Be ready to make the most of every drop of sunshine this summer with a ready to go summer bag, here's what we suggest you have ready to grab and go.

1. Sunscreen
The top thing on your list and an absolute must-have for beach days. Keep sunscreen in your beach bag at all times. As soon as it starts to run low, stock up! We Don't want any red, sore, sunburnt noses and shoulders.

2. Towels
Keep a couple of towels rolled up tight in the bottom of your bag, secure them with a hair tie to make sure they stay rolled up and save space.

3. Beach Toys
You Don't need a giant bag and half the toy box to have a fun day at the beach. Scrunch beach toys roll up and fold up for easy storage. You can fit multiple buckets, frisbees, nets, sand moulds and spades in your bag and still have space to spare. Scrunch toys are made from durable high-quality silicone that bounces back into shape when unfolded, flimsy you might think? But Scrunch buckets stay firm and create fantastic sandcastles that beg to be decorated with shells!

4. A Good Book
You might be thinking 'fat chance' when you hear us say bring a book with you but you might be surprised. While the children are sitting close, building and learning through play you might be able to get in a little light reading. If you're worried about it getting ruined, bring a magazine with you.

5. Frisbees and Balls
Frisbees and balls are great space saving toys that can be used for all sorts of games at the beach. You might even squeeze in a couple of chapters of your book while the kids run about.

6. Swimwear & Clothes
Keep a swimming costume and a change of clothes for each of your little ones in your bag. When you wash them, instead of putting them away, slip them back in your beach bag so it's always ready, for extra protection, you can pop the clothes in a wet bag.

7. Food and Water
As if any guardian would dare forget the snacks?! Grab some fresh water in a reusable bottle before you head to the beach. Always take a little extra, the salt water will make little ones thirsty and there'll probably be some sandy toes that need rinsing before heading home.

8. Treasure Jar
If you've got any room left in your bag, grab an old glass jar to store all the treasures your little ones find. Some shells, some sea glass, maybe even a little sand to remember the day.

Hopefully, the sun will be here to stay for a little while soon and all your weekends and summer holidays will be filled with beach fun days! If you take some Scrunch toys to the beach, tag us in your photos and show us your very best sand castles!

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