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71 Indoor Play Ideas

There’s lots of fun to be had indoors if you take a moment and look around. A full recycling bin can provide you with materials for a new toy or puzzle, the sofa can become a rocket with a little imagination and a pack of cards can create hundreds of fun games. We’ve listed some of our favourite ideas to keep little ones entertained inside and away from screens.  

Build a Blanket Fort 

Write a Letter to a Family Member

Have a Tea Party

Play The Floor Is Lava

Make a Puzzle from a Cereal Box 

Play Simon Says 

Make Scratch Paper

Play Board Games

Make Confetti 

Play Ludo 

Play Noughts And Crosses 

Play Catch 

Finger Painting

Play Stack a Stick Game 

Spot the Difference 

Make Up a Song 

Play Charades

Grow Dwarf Sunflowers 

Play Marbles

Play Card Games

Make Friendship bracelets 

Make Homemade Playdough

Build a Card Pyramid 

Colour in this Digger

Use Old Plastic Bottles To Make Skittles 

Make Sponge Stamps 

Learn About Your Favourite Animal 

Print out our Dot to Dot  

Play Hangman 

Make Hand Print Art 

Make a Rain Catcher 

Write a Creative Story 

Start a Diary 

Learn to knit

Colour in these Cupcakes 

Play Hide And Seek

Practice Sign Language 

Make Paper Boats 

Make a Bird Feeder 

Make Salt Dough 

Make a Wind Chime 

Make a Dream Catcher

Learn 5 Words in a New Language

Put On a Fashion Show

Make Homemade Slime 

Play Tic-Tac-Toe

Play Bingo 

Write a Sequel to your Favourite Book

Make a Rainbow for your Window 

Have a Movie Day 

Have a Dance Party

Make Paper Airplanes

Play Sleeping Lions

Paint Leaves

Play Would You Rather 

Bake Cupcakes or Muffins 

Write Jokes 

Play Chess

Write a Letter to a Friend

Make a New Toy out of Recycling 

Learn to Sow 

Create a Scavenger Hunt 

Play I-Spy

Colour in an Old Tshirt 

Play Snakes & Ladders 

Make Bookmarks

Play Solitaire 

Draw a Self Portrait 

Play Hot Potato 

Create a Scrapbook 

Make Sensory Rice 

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Keep safe and have fun!

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