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7 reasons to buy wooden toys this Christmas

7 reasons to buy wooden toys this Christmas

By now, your little one has probably given you their wish lists, circled every toy in the catalogue, and pointed out every toy, in every shop; leaving you with a Christmas list as long as your arm. This combined with the huge amount of toys available to buy, finding the right Christmas presents can seem a stressful task; but fear not, this is where we can help!

At Bigjigs Toys, it's all about wood! Why? Well, wooden toys are not only timeless but also provide many benefits for children of all ages.

1. Wooden toys can take a beating

Kids really put toys to the test, they get thrown and dropped, fallen on, drooled on and bitten almost every day, so it's really important that they are durable.

Wooden toys can take everything your little one throws at them! They are carefully manufactured to have a strong construction which means they are harder to break, and unlike plastic, they won't shatter.

2. You Don't have to worry about chemicals - wooden toys are BPA free!

There's enough to worry about in life without having to worry about chemicals in your children's toys. With wooden toys you can put your mind at rest, safe in the knowledge that your little one won't be exposed to chemicals like BPA or phthalates. There's also the added benefit that wooden toys are made from natural materials and considerably more eco-friendly than plastic toys.

3. Texture... it's all about the texture

The hard, cold feel of plastic doesn't do much for your child's sensory development, whereas the grain and texture in wooden toys allows your child to explore and learn through tactile play. Babies love to experiment with texture-rich objects and the more textures in their play time the better.

4. They help to develop your child's creativity

There's no bells and whistles with wooden toys... Unless we glue them on! Plastic toys are often all singing, all dancing light up toys and if you watch your child play with them you're likely to notice that they are not really playing, just watching - albeit with a smile. Creative and imaginative play is what really helps to develop and inspire your little one. The simplicity of wooden toys means they have to create a game, imagine a story and let their minds run wild with imagination.

5. Bring on the interactive play

Toys that sing, dance and light up aren't great sharing toys. Your little one is less inclined to ask you or another child to play if the toy is doing all the work, with wooden toys and imagination, group play is endless, new and exciting each time. Plus, doesn't everyone love building wooden railway tracks?

6.They last a lifetime, or two

Wooden toys grow with your little one and the simplistic designs really help your child to get years of use out of a single toy. When they're young they might enjoy the toy because of the texture and the different shapes, but as they get older and their dexterity improves, the same toy can be a completely different world of creative play. Wooden toys might come with a higher price tag than plastic toys but their durability means they can be passed down through the generations. What's cuter than a side by side comparison of your newest family member next to a picture of your Dad as a child playing with the same toy.

7. Wooden toys are quiet(ish)

Lastly, one for the parents... Wooden toys are quiet. Yes, when the building blocks fall on your hardwood floor it will make a crash but there are no sounds or noises to drive you crazy, instead, your little one can make the sound effects themselves and explore what they can do.

That being said, unfortunately, this doesn't apply to wooden musical instruments!

There you have it, seven reasons why you should be buying wooden toys this Christmas; and with Christmas just around the corner, you'll have to grab them quick! Head on over to Bigjigs Toys and check out our range of wooden toys, games, puzzles, rail and more! Merry Christmas from everyone at Bigjigs Toys!

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