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7 Magical Fairy Toys

7 Magical Fairy Toys

For centuries, fairies have been the subject of countless kids' bedtime stories and fairy tales. Today, fairies remain as popular as ever with children still opting to play with fairy toys. Find out more about this magical day and learn about our favourite fairy toys.

A History of Fairies

real life fairy

Photo by Tú Nguyễn

The origins of fairies go as far back as Greek mythology, where fairies were known as Nymphs. Nymphs were believed to protect Mother Earth. In 1805, the first fairy tale called ‘The Tallow Candle’ was written by Danish writer, Hans Christian Anderson.

In 1917, two cousins Frances Griffiths and Elsie Wright, captured five photographs with “fairies” which blew up in the press. In 1981, Elsie admitted to having used fairy cut-outs and taking photos of them. However, Frances denied it and claimed the fifth photo was a real fairy.

In 1937, Disney introduced the first fairy tale, Snow White. Fast forward to today, and the advancement of technology means fewer people believe in fairies. Although, detailed physics research into the electromagnetic matter could include phenomena such as fairies and ghosts which are not visible to the human eye.

What is International Fairy Day?

International Fairy Day was established by fairy artist, Jessica Galbreth, as a way to honour fairy folklore.

Fairy Toys for Children


Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

1. Fairy Notes

Kids can write a letter to the fairies to help make their wishes come true! The Rainbow Fairy Notes Set comes with delightful fairy stickers and a glitter gel pen for little writers to add their own unique touch to their notes. Ideal for writing a note to the tooth fairy or a message to a secret admirer.

2. Fairy Skittles

Ideal for younger children, our Fairy Skittles are a classic wooden toy with a modern twist. Set them up outside in the garden or indoors in the playroom. Using the wooden bowling ball, throw it at the skittles and watch as each fairy topples over. A lovely gift for little fairy lovers.

3. Fairy Train Set

bigjigs fairy town train set

Hop aboard a train heading for a magical land far, far away. Our magnificent 75-piece Fairy Town Train Set is packed with pink shades and fairy figures set amongst a mystical landscape. Comes with colourful train carriages, trees, houses and a helicopter, so the fairy fun is endless.

For wooden railway beginners, we recommend our 35-piece Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set. Features an adorable train engine and pastel-coloured carriages that chug by pretty houses, trees and toadstools as they travel across the countryside.

4. Fairy Foil Art

Sprinkle some fairy dust on your masterpiece with this dazzling Fairy Foil Art Set. Mini artists need to pick a fairy card and use the lifter tool to peel off the holographic foil to discover the adhesive sections. In seconds, a shiny fairy artwork appears that is perfect for gifting to friends and family.

5. Magic Wand Kit

What’s a fairy without their magic wand? With this whimsical Magic Wand Kit, kids can use the spellbinding products to make their very own purple, green and gold wooden wands. Decorate it with spiders and sparkly jewels to bring it to life and get it ready to cast spells.

6. Forest Friend Lottie Doll

lottie fairy doll

If you head down to the forest today, you’re sure of a big surprise. Forest Friend Lottie Doll is dressed in a green and lilac fairy costume, lilac headband and gold shoes. Lottie is perfectly dressed to search for secret fairy doors and discover where the fairy dust is sprinkled. At only 18cm tall, she is the ideal size to place in tree hollows in search of the fairies.

7. Forest Fairies Colouring Set

The fairies and friendly forest creatures are waiting to be coloured in! With 48 colouring in pages, five sticker sheets and ten marker pens, the creative possibilities are endless. Perfect for portable play, this unique Forest Fairies Colouring Set is packed in a self-contained box with a magnetic flap to keep everything safe.

What are your favourite fairy toys?

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