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5 Things To Make With Cardboard Boxes

5 Things To Make With Cardboard Boxes

‘Tis the season for cardboard waste… and while recycling is good, reuse is even better! Kids crafts are a brilliant way to keep little hands busy. They give children an outlet for their creativity, they promote mindfulness and screen-free play, and they enhance kids’ confidence through feelings of pride and self-accomplishment.


Makedo’s cardboard construction tools are the ultimate Montessori toy! But what is Montessori? All it really means is learning through play. Montessori toys are designed to inspire and educate, giving toddlers the freedom to explore, get curious and let their imaginations lead. And that’s exactly what Makedo is all about!

The Makedo toolkit features a Safe-Saw made from steel (but with no sharp edges), the Scru-Driver for tightening and loosening Scrus, and a Fold-Roller for controlled bending and folding. The possibilities are endless!

Makedo Safe-Saw

Kids Christmas Crafts: 5 Things To Make With Cardboard

Recycling box piling up? Pull that cardboard back out and get creative with these craft ideas for kids! From a Christmas tree to a DIY dollhouse, here are 5 different things you can make with your Makedo toolkit.

Christmas Tree

Save the planet and opt for an eco friendly Christmas tree (Santa will be super impressed!). This festive construction is really easy to build with just a few pieces of pre-loved cardboard and some Makedo Scrus. Once it’s up, it’s time to decorate! Your little elf can cut out stars with their Safe-Saw and make them glow by placing a lamp inside the tree, or pull out their craft box and go wild with glitter glue, sequins and stickers.

How to make a cardboard Christmas Tree

Makedo Christmas Tree Instructions

Giant Windball

Tiny kickers will love this cardboard craft project. Dig out a stack of cardboard sheets from your recycling and grab a Makedo Scru-Driver and Scrus, then follow the step-by-step instructions. This design makes a giant-sized ball or your arty tots can go their own way and make a mini version. With a lick of paint, it would look great as a bauble on your Christmas tree!

How to make a Giant Windball

Makedo Giant Windball Instructions

Cardboard Car

Hit the road in a set of wheels made from paper plates and coffee cup lids. We love the shiny silver headlights made out of old CDs! Little Lewis Hamiltons can use these cardboard car instructions for inspiration or go off the beaten track with their own unique design.

How to make a Cardboard Car

Makedo Car Instructions

DIY Dollhouse

Bought new trainers for a loved one this Christmas? Keep the box and your junior architect can use it to build their first dream home! These instructions will teach them how to create a two-storied dollhouse with four rooms and a paper cup chimney. Check out our range of wooden dolls house furniture to bring your toddler’s humble abode to life.

How to make a DIY Dollhouse

Makedo Dollhouse Instructions

Play Aeroplane

Forget making a paper plane! Instead, take to the skies with this cutting-edge cardboard jet. This ultra-cool version features turbine engines and winglets for decreased drag. All your youngster will need is a sheet of card, a cereal box, biscuit box and a tin foil box with the tube.

How to make a Play Aeroplane

Makedo Play Plane Instructions

Share your creations

Don’t forget to snap your kiddie’s designs and tag us on Instagram @BigjigsToys. We can’t wait to see them all!

Makedo Cardboard Car

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