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Green Toys Sand Play Set

sireland 1615 days ago
Let me introduce myself, I’m Emma and I am the Marketing and PR Assistant here at Bigjigs Toys. I have two young children; two year old Matilda and nine month old Jacob. Needless to say, I love working here at Bigjigs and buying good quality and fun (not to forget educational and eco-friendly) toys for Matilda and Jacob. This weekend we took a trip to our local beach, braving the elements (luckily we managed to avoid the rain) to use Matilda’s new Green Toys Sand Play Set in blue (green and pink are also available). Matilda was so excited she even tried to dig up the floor in the Turner Gallery much to the amusement of the gallery staff! The Green Toys brightly coloured bucket, spade, castle mould and rake are very robust and made from recycled milk jugs. The packaging has a nice natural feel to it and is very simple in design making it very appealing, the obvious added bonus is that it is 100% recyclable. Green Toys Sand Play Set When I say that this set could provide hours of eco-friendly green fun, I really do mean HOURS. Matilda loved the castle sand mould making multiple castles and destroying them over and over. The rake and spade were used to dig for pirate treasure. The rope handle on the bucket made it easy for Matilda to carry (hard plastic handles often dig into little ones’ hands) and the handles on the spade and rake were easy for her to grip. Green Toys Green Toys in action We really love this set and it's so easy to clean (important for mums who are wary of lurking germs!). Being very environmentally conscious, it is so lovely that Matilda can have fun whilst knowing we are helping the environment at the same time. I can see this set lasting a very long time – Matilda and Jacob will have hours of Good Green Fun! Green Toys in action

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