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Be Kind This World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day: 9 Acts Of Kindness For Kids

Happy World Kindness Day! If you’d like to mark the day as a family this year, we have shared 9 random acts of kindness you can do with your kiddos. But first, let’s dive in to explore more about this awareness day and why it matters.

Who created World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day was established in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement to show kindness for a fairer, better world. Kids can take part by carrying out random acts of kindness - big or small! Not only does it help other people feel good, but it helps your little one experience the feel-good factor, too.

Children showing kindness with a hug

When Is World Kindness Day?

World Kindness Day is on 13th November every year. It's a day to celebrate good deeds and acts of kindness!

What can kids do for World Kindness Day?

There are lots of things kids can do to celebrate World Kindness Day. They could make kindness postcards, bake sweet treats for neighbours, write a letter for a loved one, help clean up at home or school, hold the door open for someone, support a friend with their homework, or let a sibling go first in a game. These small acts of kindness can make a big difference and support the development of children's social and emotional intelligence

1. Kindness postcards - Create your own design on a blank postcard with these planet-friendly Eco Crayons. Then turn the postcard over and write a lovely message about what kindness means to you.

2. Bake cookies for a neighbour: Pop on your Chef's Apron and roll out the cookie dough! Chocolate chip cookies are bound to put a smile on your neighbour’s face and make their day.

Toddler baking cookies in Chef's Set for World Kindness Day

3. Shop local: Learn about the importance of supporting your local community by visiting a small independent shop with Mum and Dad and buying some groceries for a delicious family meal.

4. Write a letter to a loved one: Send a kind letter to a family member with this enchanting Fairy Notes set, sharing all the things you love about them.

5. Make friends: If someone is finding it hard to make new friends at school, invite them to come and play with you.

6. Hop on a scooter: Being kind to the planet is important, too! If you’re not travelling too far, ask Mum and Dad to leave the car at home and ride your scootertrike or Didicar there instead.

Girl riding her Didiscoot scooter

7. Clean your room: Help out the grown-ups by having a quick clean and tidy up of your room. Pssst, you might want to use our Cleaning Set to get things looking spick and span!

8. Help a friend with their homework: Is one of your school friends struggling to understand a school task or piece of homework? Volunteer to give them a helping hand.

9. Smile: A smile costs nothing and brings people a lot of joy!

Kindness Crafts For Kids

For more ideas on what to do with your kids this World Kindness Day, take a look at some of these kindness crafts for inspiration. 

Love heart paper chain for World Kindness Day

Kindness paper chain

Not only does this make a pretty room decoration, but it's also easy-peasy! Kids simply need to write down any acts of kindness they have carried out over the week, then link the pieces of paper together to make a colourful kindness chain. 

Chalk messages

Take the youngsters outside to draw up some funky designs and kind words on the driveway, pavement or school playground with these crafty Chalk Eggs.

Girl drawing with chalk on pavement for World Kindness Day

Compliments jar

Write down some compliments on small pieces of paper, scrunch them up, and pop them into a jar. Each morning to start your day right, pull a compliment from the jar and read it aloud! Self-love and being kind to yourself are just as important as showing kindness to others.

Jewellery kit

Mini jewellery maker? Craft a special gift for a friend or family member. This Sweetie Necklaces Set comes packed with all the tools you’ll need to make a funky necklace from clay. 

Girl with her jewellery making kit on World Kindness Day

Reward Kindness

Children love to be recognised for their efforts and good deeds, so when your kiddie carries out an act of kindness, boost their pride and confidence with praise! Whether it's praising them verbally or making them a physical reward, like a certificate, recognition will help your littlen feel good about their actions and motivate them to demonstrate kindness in their daily lives. 

Show Us Your Acts of Kindness

We'd love to see your youngsters’ random acts of kindness this World Kindness Day, so share your snaps with us over on Instagram @bigjigstoys!

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