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We're Going On A Bug Hunt! Top Bug Hunting Tips

We're Going On A Bug Hunt! Top Bug Hunting Tips

We're going on a bug hunt. We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared.

Now that summer's here, children can enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Bug hunting is the ideal way for kids to play in the fresh air and engage their observational skills. Let's get down to 'buzzness', shall we?

What Is Bug Hunting?

Discover a whole new world under a magnifying glass. Bug hunting is a gentle way to see bugs, insects, and creepy crawlies up close in a fun, safe way. Once you've caught and ticked off the bugs on your checklist, delicately put them back where you found them.

Where To Find Bugs & Insects

Bugs and insects live in a variety of habitats. Most like damp, dark spots in places like the garden and the woods. You can find...

  • Ladybirds and caterpillars on leafs
  • Millipedes under big stones and logs
  • Lots of snails, worms and slugs after rainfall
  • Grasshoppers and ants in tall grass
  • Beetles and spiders in tree bark
  • Lots of creatures in shrubs and trees

Build Your Own Bug Hunting Kit

Bug hunting doesn't require any expensive specialist tools, but it is useful to have some bug catching essentials. Here are our top picks for a kids bug catching kit.

Explorer Set

For an easy all-in-one bug hunting kit, our Explorer Set comes packed with a green bucket hat, pop-up bug net, pair of binoculars, telescopic net, magnifying glass & more.

Bug Box


Little bug hunters can safely store their insects in our colourful Kids Bug Box! At one end, move the sliding cover to place the bugs inside and take them out. At the other end, peer through the viewing circle to inspect the creepy crawlies up close.

Two-Handed Magnifying Glass

Our classic two-handed magnifying glass has a Bigjigs twist! Its two handles and large wooden design is easy for little fingers to grip and hold whilst bug hunting. Ideal for examining minibeasts, insects and plants up close! Compact enough to fit into a backpack, too.

Magnifier Pot

Gently catch your minibeast, bug or flower petals before looking at them up close with the magnifying lid! Our magnifier allows creatures to be placed inside the clear tub with ease. It even has measurement markings on the side to aid with kids observations.

Mini Magnifiers

Grab your mini magnifying glass and explore in the garden! The chunky handles make it easy to grip and hold onto whilst the insects are getting their close up! Helps to develop youngsters observational skills and nature knowledge as they learn more about the creepy crawlies in front of them.

Magnetic Fun Bugs

A great way to practice catching bugs before doing the real thing! Fish out the creepy crawlies from the wooden board with our magnetic fun bugs game. Kids must hook the 10 bugs and insects onto the two magnetic fishing rods. The player who catches the most bugs wins! Once the magnetic fun is over, it can be turned into a fun nature jigsaw puzzle.


In case you've hunted down all the bugs and creepy crawlies down low, why not try hunting high above? This classic pair of binoculars come complete with a safe neck strap and are ideal for getting kids stuck into outdoor learning. Lightweight and durable, there's no need to faff about with adjusting the focus either!

Bug Hunting Scavenger Hunt

Use our bug hunting scavenger hunt list to tick off all the different creepy crawlies and minibeasts. Which ones will you find on your outdoor adventure? Download here

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