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Screen Free Activities For The Summer Holidays

Screen Free Activities For The Summer Holidays

When you're little, there's nothing better than the summer holidays - those six weeks always feel like six months! Keeping children entertained and away from their TVs, computers and tablets can prove difficult, so we've put together our best screen free activities for kids this summer.

What Are The Benefits of Screen Free Time?

Whilst screen time can be a helpful way to distract kids and help them with homework, there's nothing as good as old-fashioned real-life playtime. Traditional play helps children to use their imagination, creativity and problem-solving skills. Screen free time also helps children and their families to engage in activities with each other, encouraging better human connection and conversations.

Scientists recommend that children from 2 to 18 have 2 hours or less of inactive screen time a day. Too much screen time negatively affects youngsters sleep as the light from TVs and phones tricks the brain into thinking it's still daytime, which is why screen free activities are better for children.

Our Favourite Screen Free Activities

Light and Shine - Playing With Optics

Optics Toy

Who knew that playing with light and shadow could be so fun?! Kids can take part in trial-and-error exploration as they create their own shadow puppets with this fantastic Light and Shine toy. With 26 experiments to choose from, kids will be kept entertained for hours. Great for playing with friends, too!

Colouring Set - Animal All-Stars

Animal Colouring Set

Roar! This wild Animal Colouring Set is jam-packed with fierce lions, giant elephants, creepy crawlies and much more. The 10 coloured marker pens and sticker sheets will get children's creative juices flowing as they design how each animal will look. Best of all, this colouring set comes in a self-contained box for compact, convenient storage - ideal for taking on the go.

Magic Painting World - A Day at the Palace

Magic Painting World

Be King or Queen for a day with this royally good A Day at the Palace paint set. Fill the magic paintbrush with water to reveal the hidden royal illustrations with every brush stroke. There are four bright princess paintings waiting to be discovered. The best part? When the painted scene has dried, it goes back to white and hides the secret palace.

Outdoor Activity Nature Set

Nature Activity Set

Get in the great outdoors exploring nature! This fun Outdoor Kids Activity Set features a magnifying glass, coloured chalks, a pencil and an activity book. Helps to develop children's observational skills as they write down all the insects, minibeasts and plants that they see. With 36 outdoor activities to choose from, there's something for everyone!

Squadron Racers - Vintage Planes

Foam Planes

Aspiring pilots can take off with their own Foam Planes! Before take-off, be sure to decorate it the way you want with a choice of stickers, propellers, nose cones and marker pens. Challenge friends to an air battle and see who can fly their plane the furthest, the highest or the first to hit the target.

Screen Free Saturdays

We challenge you to have a Screen Free Saturday! A chance to take a break from the digital screens of everyday life. A great chance for families and kids to play, explore and enjoy the simple things in life.

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