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Our Team's Most Memorable Christmas Toys

Our Team's Most Memorable Christmas Toys

We love a bit of nostalgia here at Bigjigs Toys! We have wound back the clock to find out our team's most memorable toys from Christmas past: Do you remember any of these?

Major Morgan - Kim

Via eBay

"My favourite toys were a "Speak & Spell" and going even further back, a Major Morgan. It was my favourite present until my mum found me taking it apart with a screwdriver because I wanted to be like Daddy! Ah, the seventies health and safety was not really a thing back then!"

Meccano - Peter

"I can 't remember exactly when I got it, but it was played with a lot by me and my brother. We had some great fun with it and it looks like almost all of the pieces have survived! Lego plastic bricks were first sold in 1947, before that Lego were wooden blocks, and I think differed a little from the Lego we all know and love today.
I'm not sure when I first got some Lego but Meccano was certainly my go-to toy for construction along with Airfix. This set travelled with us to various locations as my Father moved jobs. It visited Khartoum in the Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya and Folkestone before ending up in Ottinge."

Aerobie - Steve

Via eBay

"I had an Aerobie and I begged to go out and play with it. It was quoted on the packaging that this thing could fly over 300 metres, so I got my neighbour to run down the road as far as he could. I then launched the Aerobie as hard as I could, only for it to end up on the roof of a small block of flats. We then got a guy who was an off duty fireman with his ladder to get it down but he couldn't reach it. That was the only throw I have ever had."

Baby Born - Robyn

Via V&A Museum

"I used to regularly go into my local Woolworths and longingly stare at the shelf of dolls. I was desperate to have "a doll with no hair" as all my baby dolls had hair and looked like they were about to start school! On the top shelf was (a very bald) Baby Born in her big pink box. I gasped as I saw the £30 price tag, wondering how Father Christmas would ever be able to afford so much money: Alas, he did and I was very happy to spend Christmas Day feeding Baby Born in her duck babygrow and watching her "pee" in her pink potty. "

Metal Detector - Shannon

via Freemans

"When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist - I loved Jurassic Park and the TV show Time Team. So, to set me off, I asked for a metal detector for Christmas. Believe it or not, I didn't find anything and didn't become an archaeologist... so, I became a graphic designer instead."

Cabbage Patch Doll & Barbie Furniture - Tarryn

Via Pinterest

"I had a Cabbage Patch Doll named Wilamena, she even came with a birth certificate and literally was the best doll ever! She had red/orange hair and I can still remember everything about her. Another favourite was a family friend who made Barbie house furniture out of wood for me... Bed frame, side tables, dining table, coffee table, cupboard, the whole lot! The detail was amazing and it made my doll house seem so real."

Tamagotchi - Zoe

Via Worthpoint

"My Tamagotchi in 2004 (ish). The iconic digital pet that always ended up dying! Pretty sure I missed most of Christmas day that year because I was too preoccupied trying to raise my first pet, unsuccessfully!"

Fashion Polly Pocket - Laura

"I had so many Polly Pockets, I pretty much built my own Polly Pocket town! My favourite Polly Pocket toy was the party limo that had a pool in the back. I also had a house and shopping mall as well as Polly's weekend car (a fabulous convertible). She was a fashion icon!"

What's your most memorable Christmas toy?

Did any of these take you on a trip down memory lane? Share your stories in the comments!

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