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Our Favourite New CollectA Animals For 2022

Our Favourite New CollectA Animals For 2022

CollectA has an amazing line-up for their 2022 range of animal toys. With stock arriving in the Spring, keep your eyes peeled to see the full new collection. CollectA is ideal for small world play and child & grown-up collectors alike.

Mini Volcano Set in Gift Box

Now, this Mini Volcano Set gift box is bound to wow dinosaur lovers! It comes with three miniature dinosaur figures, a gift box that turns into a bubbling volcano, and there's an augmented reality card that can be connected to the included digital device to bring the play scene to life. A unique gift for dinosaur enthusiasts that enhances all the play possibilities.

Yakutian Grey Stallion

Yakutia is one of the coldest liveable places on Earth, with its conditions ranging by 100 degrees celsius; the winter temperature drops to -50c whereas summer temperatures rise to +40c! The Yakutian horse is celebrated for its ability to adapt to Yakutia's extreme climates. In the harsh winters, it can eat vegetation buried under deep snow. The CollectA Yakutian stallion model is hand-painted and measures 15.7cm x 10.5cm.

Emperor Penguin

The Emperor Penguin is the tallest (and heaviest) penguin in Antarctica. Whilst most emperor penguins grow up to 1 metre in height, CollectA's model is a more modest 6.5cm tall and features factually accurate details with realistic eyes and feather details.


We love an adorable alpaca! Alpacas come from South America and are similar to llamas - they are also really friendly and domesticated, so make lovely pets. CollectA's alpaca has a dimpled texture to emulate the fur and is hand-painted in life-like colours. Did you know that 99% of the alpaca population lives in South America?

Triceratops with Movable Jaw

The Triceratops was a large plant-eating ceratopsian dinosaur - so large, it is thought to have weighed up to 16,000lbs! The Triceratops had three horns to protect itself from the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. Available in a deluxe 1:40 scale, the CollectA Triceratops has realistic hues and textures.

African Elephant

One of the biggest land animals living on Earth, the African Elephant is a glorious creature. With herds wandering through 37 African countries, the African elephant is hard to miss at 11 feet tall. Measuring a somewhat smaller 13.8cm x 6.2cm, the CollectA model has beautiful grey hues.

Oryol Mare Dark Grey

The Oryol horse is a Russian icon, with a deep and interesting history. Oryol horses were first bred by Count Orlov in the 1770s, who crossbred Arabian and Danish horses to make the Oryol trotter. CollectA's Oryol mare has a fun galloping pose, with a beautiful hand-painted grey coat.

CollectA FAQs

Where is CollectA from?

CollectA is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of toy animals and is based in Hong Kong, selling in over 30 countries.

What are CollectA toys made of?

Collecta figures are made of PVC plastic and are hand-painted with non-toxic acrylic paints.

What scale are CollectA horses?

CollectA horse scales vary and come in three different scales: Mini, Standard, and Deluxe. Mini Horses are in a 1:64 scale, standard models are in a 1:20 scale, and deluxe models are in a 1:40 scale.

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Our new CollectA animals will be arriving in Spring 2022. In the meantime, explore our current collection (and Don't forget to bookmark the page) here.

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