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Can toys really be educational AND fun?

Can toys really be educational AND fun?

Although they may not realize it, playing with toys is how children practice for growing older. The toys that parents choose for their children have a significant impact on many aspects of the child's overall development, including his or her motor skills, cognitive function, social skills, and problem solving skills. Many progressive parents are carefully considering which toys their children should use, as toys can shape their future. Here are just a few of the benefits the right toys can provide. Cognitive Skills Toys help your child to learn about cause and effect. For example, a baby may learn that shaking a rattle causes noise. When a toddler stacks building blocks, they realize that pushing on them knocks the tower down. To an adult, these facts of life are so basic that they Don't ever cross our minds, but for a developing child, every discovery is significant. Puzzles can help children to fit the pieces together, providing valuable insight about perspective and problem solving. Toys that must be assembled in a certain order can be great for memory. A Sense of Well-Being It is so important to provide a safe and comforting environment for your child. Spending time playing with children alone gives them a feeling of protection and well-being. Reading books, working on puzzles, teaching them with flash cards, and other educational activities let children know that someone cares about them and wants the best for them. It is important to form a strong relationship with children early on, and toys are the perfect outlet to accomplish that. Social Skills Interacting with your child regularly allows them to develop important social and communication skills. Once the child becomes old enough, playing with other children is crucial. Educational toys give children common ground to relate to, allowing for accelerated interactions. While there is nothing wrong with playing with dolls or action figures, incorporating other educational toys into the mix makes playtime more productive. And, your child doesn't even need to know that they are playing with educational toys! Remember, fun and educational Don't have to be mutually exclusive. Physical Growth Just like with adults, regular exercise helps your child to be happy and healthy. The right toys can help them to fall in love with physical activity early, setting an important precedent that can last a lifetime. Bring a child to the playground can be a wonderful treat, and it also helps them to stay active. Physical activity also improves basic skills like balance, while also instilling less tangible gifts like motivation and drive. Exercise gives your child an outlet to let off aggression and stress in a natural and healthy way. Plus, it helps children to sleep better at night, which means you do too. Invest in Your Child's Future There are endless reasons why you should keep your child's playroom stocked with educational toys. Try to find a balance between fun for the sake of fun, and fun for the sake of learning and developing. Your child deserves the opportunity to reach his or her full potential, so consider the long-term implications of the toys you buy. Bigjigs Toys offer a wide range of educational toys, available to purchase online and in independent toy shops nationwide. Author Bio Alicia Dobbs is a proud mother of three, and a toy enthusiast by proxy. Working with Educational Insights has helped her to understand the importance of using the right toys during a child's developmental stages, and she is committed to sharing this valuable information with other parents.

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