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The Best Toy Castles and Knights for St George's Day

The Best Toy Castles and Knights for St George's Day

Hip hip hooray, it's St. George's Day! We have rounded up our best wooden castle toys and medieval accessories for young Knights and Princesses on this mythical day.

What is St George's Day?

St. George is the patron saint of England, his symbol is a red cross over a white backdrop which is the same red cross on the English flag today. The famous legend of Saint George and the Dragon suggests that St. George was a Roman soldier who slew a dragon and saved a princess.

When is St George's Day 2022?

St. George's Day is celebrated every year on 23rd April, the anniversary of his death in 303 AD.

St George's Day Toys

King George's Toy Castle

Aptly named, King George's Castle is an exquisite premium wooden castle with a functioning drawbridge, balconies and doors - there's even a secret door so the knights can sneak out without being spotted by the enemy. Imaginative kids can even stage their own George and the Dragon scene at the castle, rescuing the Royal Family from the wrath of the dragon's fiery breath. Don't forget to change the colour of the flags to show who has claimed the castle.

Medieval Knights

The perfect Medieval accessories for a mythical adventure, our Medieval Knights set features four brave knights with flexible arms and legs that mean they can stand in a fighting stance or sit down to surrender during playtime. Will the House of Blue or House of Red claim the castle? You will have to battle it out with the four knights to decide!

Fairy Tale Palace

In a magical kingdom far, far away lived a Prince and Princess who want their happily ever after. Our beautiful bright pink Fairy Tale Palace has a pretty courtyard, working shutters and doors, balconies, a dressing room and a secret door. The secret door is a great escape for the Princess if the scary Witch is about. With lots of reach-in play space, there's plenty of room for kids to play with friends, too.


Make enemies come to a halt on your wooden train set with our impressive Drawbridge. Use the red dials to lower and raise the bridge and let the train chug through and keep the enemies out. Has realistic grey brick detailing, fire torches, climbing ivy and black ravens for a true Medieval effect.

Lottie Doll Queen of the Castle

Dressed to impress, Queen of the Castle Lottie wears a magnificent royal blue velvet gown, silver glittery crown, sparkly top & pink tutu, and gold shoes. Lottie's royal outfit is easy for kids to make at home so they can match their favourite little Queen. Queen of the Castle is an age-relatable doll that looks just like a child who is playing dress-up.

Fantasy Magnets

Turn the fridge into a piece of mystical, magical art with our Fantasy Magnets. This 35-piece magnet set includes a friendly dragon, a castle, mermaids, a unicorn, a treasure chest and much more. You can keep the magnets safely stored in the included wooden storage box.

How are you celebrating St. George's Day?

We'd love to see photos of your little ones celebrating St. George's Day, tag us over at @BigjigsToys


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