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SKU: LT078


Dimensions: W 16cm x H 2.5cm x L 16cm
Suitable for children from: 3 Years +
Brand: Lottie Dolls
Barcode: 5060272132125

Lottie loves to be out in the countryside riding her pony, Sirius. A Welsh Mountain Pony, Sirius is strong-willed, excitable and very determined - the perfect horse toy to accompany Lottie Doll.

Like Lottie’s other pony, Seren, Sirius’s name is also star-themed. Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky. Sirius has a beautiful chestnut brown coat.

Sirius wears a blue saddle, bridle, stirrups and numnah (a saddle pad that acts as a protective cushion between the pony and the saddle). A lovely horse toy.

Sirius pony - product features:

  • Sirius the Welsh Mountain Pony comes with a bridle, stirrups and a numnah
  • Pair with any Lottie Doll