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Advanced Guide Book (Bound)

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Dimensions: W 21cm x H 1cm x L 30cm
Suitable for children from:
Brand: Morphun
Barcode: 5031294076001

Morphun is an award-winning construction system that has great creative and fun value, and outstanding educational uses. Our Advanced range of building bricks provides a vehicle for learning in a range of subjects. Each set includes 15 pieces including side-joining squares and triangles, long and small connecting pieces, end stops, 'X' joiners and wheels. With an array of pieces, creative youngsters are able to make endless 2D and 3D models. Moreover, using the included Guide Book children can work through each level of difficulty, gradually working up to building models that are more complex. Ideal for the classroom or at home, our extensive educational Advanced Sets are a great way to encourage children to think more flexibly as they manipulate and explore different objects; and develop creative play, fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination and problem solving. The Morphun Advanced Guide Book features 60 pages of models and shapes to show creative youngsters how to play with Morphun Bricks. Covering all difficulty levels, children can use these guides to work their way up to building models that are more complex. Level 1-2: Features easy, 2D shapes to introduce the joining system. Level 3: Includes small, simple 3D models. Level 4: Features larger 3D models, ideal to build as a team. Level 5-6: 3D models that are far more challenging that will test concentration, the ability to work in a team and to follow instructions. The book itself is A4, durable and sure to last generations of building fun! Includes 60 pages. Conforms to current European safety standards.