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Spring into action this Easter

Spring into action this Easter

Spring into action this Easter with a whole host of things to do with the kids, indoors and outdoors!


The British weather is unpredictable, that's a fact. So check out our 5 favourite things to do at home/inside to keep the kids entertained€¦


Get competitive with the family


Family game time gets a big tick from us! What a great way to spend time together whilst developing key skills in young children? Spending time together will show children affection, appreciation and encouragement. Whilst game playing will help to develop problem-solving skills and improve their strategic mind.

Plus, a bit of healthy competition never hurt anybody!

Our Games Compendium includes 4 traditional games all in one, including Tiddlywinks, Snakes and Ladders, Tic Tac Toe and Draughts. Perfect for family game time!


Play dress up


Raid that secret part of your wardrobe that's full of your 90s clothes and let the kids take the lead on some imaginative play! You could even crank up the good old 90s classics and hold a dance off - winner gets a chocolate egg.


Have a baking day


Surrounded by chocolate eggs? Wondering how you're going to get through them all? No need to worry, you can bake with them! Shredded Wheat Nests are a simple classic that requires only chocolate, shredded wheat and mini eggs!


BBC Good Food has lots of easy recipes that are perfect for baking with the kids. Try not to worry about the mess, the kitchen and kids are washable!


Build a fort


Simple, yet an absolute winner with youngsters, inspiring hours of creative play - plus it's free! Move the furniture around, drape blankets over the top and voila, you've created your own little fort, perfect for watching a film in, or reading a book together. Maybe as a special treat, you could all eat dinner inside the den too!


Visit a Museum


Need to get out of the house, but it's raining? Visit a Museum! You'll be surprised at how many there are nearby, and completely free! Museums like the London Science Museum are perfect for the kids as they can touch and explore everything.


Go swimming


It might be miserable outside, but a heated pool at your local leisure centre is the perfect thing to lift the grey spirits! Take along some floats and have fun!


The one day of the year where you find yourself waking up to sunshine, along with energetic children, why not head outside for some fresh air? We have the perfect adventure€¦


Geocaching - are you intrigued?


You should be. But sshh, it's meant to be a secret.

All around the world are tiny hidden notebooks and treasures waiting to be found. All you need to do is download the app, get your wellies on and go off in search for a geocache!

It's a great way to get older children interested in family walks, and all ages will love it. Make sure you take a pen with you to log your name in the books as you find them! We bet there is a geocache close to your home that you've never even noticed.

The Geocaching community makes a joke about 'muggles', passersby that aren't part of the secret world, so encourage your little ones to be secretive when looking for a hidden cache so not to draw the attention of any muggles!

Not up for a huge adventure?


...Head out into the garden


It is the perfect time of year to start planting some vegetables, and why not use it as an opportunity to teach children about where our food comes from and how things grow. Top tips for gardening with children.


Whatever you decide to do over the bank holiday weekend and Easter holidays, we hope you have a great time! Share your photos with us on social media!

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